Ahmedabad, Gujarat (May 18, 2020) – In the present situation, many environmental enthusiasts recommend people to go organic to ensure sustainability. Even many individuals are highly particular about buying and using organic supplies. Understanding their requirements, Green Tailor commits to maintain transparency as the best organic fabric supplier.

When a representative from Green Tailor, the Sustainable and Organic Fabrics Supplier addressed the media, he said “At Green Tailor, we believe that Sustainable and Organic Fabrics along with ethical manufacturing is the key to reduce textile waste. We work with artisans as well as manufacturers with whom we share the same values.”

The eco-friendly fabric supplier provides GOTS Certified Sustainable fabrics that are dyed using low-impact and natural dyes. Even, the company offers customisation services to different customers based on their diverse needs.

The fabric natural dyeing supplier very well knows that the textile industry creates an enormous impact on the earth. So, with the commitment to safeguard the environment and to enhance the use of sustainable dyes and fabrics, the company maintains complete transparency in all its operations.

About Green Tailor:
Green Tailor aims at retaining the different know-hows of Indian artisans besides helping organisations that respect a good working environment. With this objective, the company believes in collaborating with brands and suppliers, who are responsible.

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