(January 28, 2020) – Lincelli officially launches for bringing great Italian home value by offering world-class sleeping solutions to customers and their entire family including pets. Every mattress at Lincelli tells the story of this company. At this brand, the experience of creating world-class sleeping solutions gets together with the Italian tradition of refined luxury.

Lincelli holds the pride of being the first pet-centric bedding company, who is a forerunner in Italy by offering cutting-edge family sleep solutions for the entire family encompassing cat/dog inclusive. 

The important factor that makes Lincelli unique from other bedding companies is that they follow pet-inclusive ethos. When other bedding companies pay attention to parents and kids in a family, this brand buckles up to offer high-end sleeping solutions for pets along with their owners.

The excellent thing about the mattresses and other sleeping solutions offered by this company is that the team specializes in creating products that are polyurethane-based with a capability of mass global distribution.

Many quality products are produced by this company and one of them is the Lincelli Paradiso, which is a hybrid mattress from this brand constructed using high-quality pocket spring coils with anti-deformation and anti-rust features. Even, the brand has opened pre-ordering facility for some great pillows that can bring the best-quality sleep even to patients with insomnia.

Not just the European noble family, the company has a great client-base not just for the mattresses, but also for the pillows with a double layer of premium density memory foam.

About Lincelli:
Among the collection of mattresses from Lincelli, the brand’s product also includes cat/dog inclusive products like pet beds to address insomnia in pets.

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