London, United Kingdom, May 15, 2020: Apple Music is a top music streaming platform online, and offers more than 50 million songs to listen to. However, all that comes at a price and while there are major discounts offered to students, families etc, Apple Music cost is often a reason for some users to shift their music streaming service. MusConv makes it easy to do this, and allows seamless migration of playlists from Apple Music to other leading streaming platforms online. 

MusConv also makes it easy for people who listen to tracks from other music streaming platforms, and wish to change to Apple Music and want to shift their playlists to it from the other platforms, be it Spotify, YouTube or Google Play Music. In fact, it makes it possible to transfer music and video playlists across various online streaming services. 

With MusConv, there is no more concern about losing all the songs and playlists on Apple Music or any other streaming platforms. One can also transfer data between two accounts on Apple Music itself. The application is available in trial version, and if users like it they can go for the full version that is available in three different pricing plans. 

About MusConv
MusConv is the only software program that allows users to migrate the music and video playlists of their choice very easily from one streaming platform to another. 

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