June 5, 2020 - When the world is going through such a hard time, a little humor can go a long way. The global health situation has changed the reality for everybody around the world. People are dealing with emotional and mental issues as a result of the massive social distancing rules that has been prevalent for months now. 

During such a time, it’s important for people to keep their sanity intact and stay preoccupied by indulging in constructive activities or by consuming content that can take their minds away from what’s happening in the world. In this regard, there’s nothing can be more therapeutic than comedy. Stand up comedy has been extremely popular for years now. However, due to the social distancing rules, it’s impossible to go for a stand up comedy show and experience that much needed dose of laughter. However, just because venues are shut, that doesn’t mean people cannot experience the pure joy of laughing out loud.

Thanks to the internet and various engagement platforms like TikTok and Instagram, entertainment isn’t as far away from people anymore. To embark into positivity, one just needs to go online and make their choice. For those who want to add some sunshine to their otherwise gloomy day, can now head over to Instagram or TikTok to check out upcoming comedian Jason Smith.

From Tallahassee in Florida, he is also known by his stage name Jayythacomedian on Instagram where he keeps posting fun and unique content in the form of videos, memes, and snippets from his daily life. These funny videos have been getting a lot of live from his followers around the world and has made him a promising part of the world of comedy. He has over 13K followers on Instagram and his fan base is increasing with each passing day. On TikTok, he is known by JayyReposts and has a whopping follower-base of over 800K where his fans absolutely love his quirky videos. Through his videos, it’s clear that Jason is a natural entertainer which is evident from the fact that he has been doing comedy since he was 12.

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