(May 05, 2020) – Pastor Handri Timbuleng releases the new book titled “America Open Your Gift: 119 Million New Millionaires” at Amazon. The book talks about the 4 golden years of Christianity in the United States. Even, it discusses the chances of 119 million American Citizens to turn into Millionaire. 

The author from Indonesia talks that 2017 is the year of Jubilee for Israel. The reason is that all debts of Americans were canceled at the same time when the United States started to defend Israel.

The book has been written by the Pastor to touch heaven and to change the earth. The book is written for every believer of good to get huge blessings. The pastor also showers his blessings on the readers, the United States and calls it to be a land of hopes and opportunities. The book also points out the United States as the home for the braves.

Every American reading this book will get the right overview of their motherland. It will motivate them to give their best to the nation with great opportunities and provides the best living to many people. Not just Americans, but people from other world destinations are benefiting from this land of opportunities.

About Handri Timbuleng:
The author Pastor Handri Timbuleng is an Indonesian. He was brought up in Indonesia and he turned pastor in a Christian Church there. As a member of the Islamic community attacked the church on which he was serving a pastor, he sought asylum in the US. So, he has written this book as a way of expressing his gratitude to the US.

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Author Name: Handri Timbuleng
Book title: America Open Your Gift: 119 Million New Millionaires
Company Name: Global Summit House
Contact Person Name: Anna Reid