USA (November 08, 2018) - Health and wellness science has become essential to leading a healthful and productive life. There has been an increasing amount of stress, pollutants, lack of sleep, and other factors that are reducing the quality (and very likely the quantity) of our lives. NextLevel Therapeutics has selected the two most effective therapies that are safe, convenient, and affordable.

The Novothor helps in so many ways because it works at the cellular level, specifically, at the mitochondrial level, to reverse the negative effects of oxidative stress. When we fix our cells we fix our bodies. Sessions typically last 10-14 minutes and the temperature doesn’t get above 80 degrees. It looks similar to a tanning bed but emits healing wavelengths (660nm [red] and 850nm [near infrared]), not UV. It stimulate collagen and elastin formation which makes skin thicker AND tighter and gradually reverses the signs and symptoms from premature aging due to excessive sun damage. After reversing the signs of premature aging this an unparalleled strategy for aging gracefully.

The other device offered by NextLevel Therapeutics is the NanoVi. It is designed to reduce oxidative stress from free radicals (caused by environmental pollutants, strenuous exercise, or chronic diseases) by initiating and aiding in the refolding process of proteins back to their biologically active form or shape which enables proper cellular function. It also speeds up DNA repair. Typical sessions take 15 minutes and the special air is administered by positioning the tube near the nose and mouth and simply breathe while laying on a zero gravity lounge chair.

About NextLevel Therapeutics:
NextLevel Therapeutics is headed by Keith Marshall DDS, a high-tech dentist who has been using lasers to perform many services including photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy for over ten years in his dental office in Gramercy Park. He and his wife have been using the Novothor for about a year and have been getting great results. His wife Sandi, who suffers from Lupus, an autoimmune disease, has been able to make great strides in the management of this devastating disease and Dr
Marshall, who has been a dentist for 40 years, is expecting to get an extra decade or two to practice dentistry.

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