You may not be stranger to the act of paraphrasing, but you may still lack proper knowledge about how to do it. This is the reason many students decide to use paraphrasing tool to modify chunks of original texts.

You probably know that improper paraphrasing can lead to plagiarism, but there are techniques you can employ to ensure such mishaps never occur. You won’t have to rely on paraphrase tools alone when you use these techniques.

1.  Modify the words and structure both

When you're rewriting the information in your own words, the sentence structure often changes naturally. You can use a paraphrase generator online for your academic papers, in case you find it difficult to change the words.

Changing structure means you have to begin with a different idea, sentence, fact, or passage. For instance, suppose a paragraph of literary analysis began by highlighting the character relationships before mentioning a theory on the theme of the literature. Even when you use a paraphrase tool online, it’ll emphasise on the modifications as well.

2. Use quotes when necessary

Sometimes, it's alright to use the original source if your own words aren't sufficient to provide the necessary details. If you plan on quoting directly, use quotation marks and block quotes. After that, cite the source as per the specific guidelines you’re supposed to follow for your paper. Without citation, even the best paraphrasing tools won’t save you from the menace of plagiarism.

However, try not to use quotes too much. When writing, it's vital to put some content in your own words instead of merely rewriting the work of other writers. Even the online academic experts paraphrase mindfully.

3. Rephrase any confusing or incoherent sentences

Sometimes in an attempt to paraphrase without plagiarising, sentences become poorly constructed and incoherent. That’s why you need to read through your paraphrased words and sentences and find the ones which are a little tough to understand. In such cases, opting for paraphrasing tools and grammar checker would be a nice idea.

If you find that the sentences are too long, they must be broken into smaller sentences. 

4. Use a thesaurus to help you with word choice

Feel free to use a thesaurus if you can’t come up with another word to convey the same idea, as it reminds you of other similar words you’re already aware of.

It’s still advisable to use words that you’re sure about. Since a word you don’t know may have a connotation that isn’t appropriate in the context.

These ideas will ensure your paraphrase accurately while working on your assignments.

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