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Impotence or erectile dysfunction can stem from variety of reasons and causes. The problem arises due to lack of capability in an individual to attain or sustain firm erection in men for satisfying lovemaking activity. So as to treat this sensual health problem it is important for an individual to know the underlying reasons.

There are a number of the main causes of ED in men:

Excessive Smoking: It not only restricts blood flow to the penile organ but also impairs the valve mechanism to store blood within the male organ and thereby leads to ED. Not only this, it also damages libido level and lowers the testosterone count resulting in fertility issues.

Alcohol: It may be a depressant and affects arousal which is important for an individual to urge an erection. It also affects blood flow to the male genital organ and makes it difficult for one to urge hard and firm erections.

Stress: It is that the most prominent psychological causes of ED in men. Stress increases the extent of Cortisol in blood which affects testosterone levels adversely. Low testosterone levels not only affects libido but also triggers erectile difficulty in men.

Diseases: There are certain diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, MS etc., which can cause ED in men. The problem of erectile health is a chronic condition but can be a symptom of a bigger ill health.

Medicines: It does not help to treat certain health disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, cancer, and depression etc., also can cause an individual to a failure in bed. This will be highly frustrating because sometimes one cannot stop taking such medications. Consult with doctor if an individual think that some medicine is causing erectile problems and he might change it.

There are other factors also like performance anxiety, relationship problems, childhood abuse and trauma etc., Though there are prescribed medicines which will help reverse ED, supplements are a far better option largely because they are doing not have any side effects.

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