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Cisco is the most popular for certifications as CISCO enjoys the repute of being the industry standard. An individual who has been certified with CISCO is living proof of expertise in the ever-changing landscape of IT. These individuals are mostly experts who are wanted for many job roles as per their respective certifications. The most popular among these CISCO certifications are CCNA, CCNP, CCNE, CCDA, etc. Generally, as readers and people are looking to certify with CISCO, it becomes confusing to distinguish between CCNA vs CCNP.  Now we’ll have a look at how these two differ:


CISCO Certified Network Associate is an entry-level certification that helps individuals steer their careers in the direction of their own choice. It creates a base for all needed basic levels of knowledge, one must have to venture into the world of networking.

CCNA: the certification is meant for IT professionals that are going out to strengthen the base or to even begin to build a base in networking.

The intended audience for CCNA is:

The course is adamant for people to initiate a journey into networking and strengthen the base, certified as well. The following topics are covered in the course:

1)Networking Fundamentals

2)Routing and switching essentials

3)Connecting networks

4)Security fundamentals

This course will legitimize the candidates' skills and that they are equipped to navigate the constantly evolving landscape of IT.

The average salary of CCNA-certified individuals ranges up to 4 LPA INR.

  • Job aspects of a CCNA-certified professional:

1)Network engineer

2)Network administrator

3)Senior network engineer

4)Field engineer

5)Network designer

6)Network planner

7)Support technician.

  • There are multiple companies that will be willing to employ a Cisco-certified professional amongst those few are: 

1)CSS Corp





Cisco Certified Network Professional. 

The name is suggestive enough that this certification level is ahead of CCNA certification.
CCNP is an intermediate level certification that handles enterprise networking technologies As we read earlier it is an upgrade to CCNP certification is routine, Sachin, troubleshooting, security, SDN, etc.

The intended audience for CCNP:

The course is ideal for people who are looking for basic knowledge and to become competent enough to handle small to medium level Enterprises.

The course covers the following topics: 

1)Dual-stack architecture



4)Security and automation

The average salary for a CCNP-certified professional is 8LPA INR. A  lot of companies are willing to hire a CCNP-certified professional. There are multiple companies that are willing to hire a CCNP professional, especially when an individual has trained with CISCO as the brand is known for producing the best in the business. 

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