New York is home to a lot of reputed colleges in America. Columbia University, NYU, Parsons and many others find their way into every student’s wish list. Getting into these colleges isn’t exactly easy, but for those with the will and dedication, it’s absolutely possible. These tips can help you get into some of the best colleges in New York.


1.    Research is key

Getting into a good college means a lot, but there is no point in getting into one of the best colleges if it doesn’t offer the courses you desire. Research all the colleges and find out if it fits in properly with your career plan. Many institutions offer a 1-2 semester exchange program. This is extremely useful for your job applications since it shows you have some cross-cultural knowledge.

Try and find out about the attendance and grading systems. If you are planning on doing a double major, find out if the college offers this option for your desired courses. Study the student reviews. This is your most reliable source of information. Try to go to a college which will show you a good time and simultaneously mold you into a great personality.

2.    Be a good student

No matter how much you have enjoyed in grade schools, it is imperative that you try and score as high as possible in high school before getting into college. College applications focus on your grades many times. Your application might be the best one in the lot. But since you spent too much time fooling around in high school, your application might also be the first one to get rejected.

Admission officers also look at the subjects that you had taken. You might have got straight ‘A’s throughout high school, but none of this matter if they were in courses like basket weaving or home sciences. Try and take some hard courses that are essential to a career path you have chosen. Advanced Placement (AP) classes are great for this very purpose. This essentially shows that you have the skills required to make it in their college and in that particular field that you are trying to opt for. It also shows that you have a sense of responsibility and are quite serious about your future.

3.    Show interest in them

Show your enthusiasm in joining their college. Send an email or write an essay highlighting your dream as a child to attend XYZ University. You could also call in and ask about them or meet them in person. This shows how eager you are to join them and thus gives them a positive impression about you.

However, do not push it too far. You do not want to have a restraining order from the admissions office of your dream college. Keep everything in moderation. This will be one of the things that set you apart from the masses.

4.    Take both ACT and SAT

Taking both these tests is extremely important. These tests measure a person’s quantitative and qualitative thinking abilities. It also checks one’s command over the English language. The score in these tests is the basis for many college admissions. Since both of these marks are accepted, take both these exams. Remember to study well for them as they may shape your future. If you get a better score in one test compared to the other, use that particular test to apply for the colleges.

5.    Write a good college essay

College essays are probably one of the hardest parts of getting an application through to your dream alma mater. However, there are various tips and tricks to help you solve this problem too. You can get writing tips for college essays from many places online, and there are even services that provide essay writing help.

This is a great forum to tell the admission office more about your uniqueness. You can also introduce them to your side of the story to anything that might invite a frown on other parts of your application.

You can also use this opportunity to prove to them beyond a doubt that you would be an excellent addition to their university. Explain how it would be beneficial to them for giving you admission. Every college wants students that gain fame in various academic and non-academic fields all around the world. They want people who will grow up and become successful later in their lives.

6.    Get a letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation is a document from one person to another suggesting that you are a fit candidate for said post. It helps highlight your good qualities. Since it is from a more authoritative person, it is more reliable than your own resumé.

A letter of recommendation from the right person can open the doors of any college for you. Ask your high school dean or one of your subject teachers to write a letter of recommendation to help you out. They will happily oblige. The letter reflects how you behaved and performed in the past 4 years that you were in high school. So remember to get this from a teacher who still likes you.

7.    Extracurricular activities are a must

Most of these colleges get a ton of applications each day. Every one of these applicants is a prodigy with a dozen glowing recommendations from a dozen equally bright people. However, all this proves is that the kid has a good memory and some good logical skills. If that’s what people were looking for, then getting into colleges would be a piece of cake.

If your application shows that you were a part of a number of events in your school, volunteer work or your achievements in fields other than academics it immediately gets bumped up to the top of the ‘shortlisted’’ pile. These little things show that you have interpersonal, leadership, and managerial skills (just to name a few). Hence, the college automatically deems you fit to be enjoying on their campus.

These tips can help you get into some of the best colleges in New York. The only thing holding you back now is you, yourself. Don’t hesitate and go fill your college application forms now!