Robert Jenkins – Guest Contributor
Apr 4 2017
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Jess Pomerantz is Simple in Disguise.

A major theme in Jess Pomerantz’s new Simple In Disguise album is self-discovery.  

In “Kiss You Happy,” she learns that a guy confessing his love for her isn’t as important as her conceding love for herself.  In “Undressed,” she comes to understand she deserves better than being treated as second best by a guy; and in “Simple,” the album’s first single release, she uncovers how happiness isn’t about conforming to someone else’s definition of cool.

The album is fun, pop, powerful, emotional, and relevant.  It’s a unique blend of Sara Bareilles, Pink, Bonnie Raitt, and Billy Joe, all artists Pomerantz lists as influencers.  “If I could go open up for any artist on tour right now, it would be Sara Bareilles, without a doubt,” she says.

Like Bareilles, Pomerantz writes all her own music.  She draws inspiration from her heart and anything going on in her life, as well as the world around her.  “My favorite part of the writing experience is that it helps me to embrace my feelings instead of trying to escape them,” she explains.

Like most young women, when not writing, producing, or performing, Pomerantz enjoys hanging out with friends and family, reading, working out, and playing with her puppy, Cooper.

She’s also always up for a night of karaoke.  Her go-to karaoke numbers are “Who knew” by Pink, “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles, “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys and anything by Alanis Morisette.

She expects to headlining a worldwide tour within ten years, and hopes to be blessed with children and a happy, healthy life.

The motto she lives by is be true to who you are.   It’s a lesson Pomerantz had to learn for herself.  In an effort to  emulate her legendary cousin, Phoebe Snow, she used to sing more eclectic music, trying to make herself different.  “I found I wasn’t connecting to my fans because I wasn’t being authentic. I had to find my true voice.” 

Pomerantz does exactly that in Simple In Disguise.  She hopes the album inspires listeners to resist conforming to other’s standards. “Being different isn’t so bad,” she reflects.  “It’s what makes each of us  special. I want my music to touch people’s souls and help them stand up for themselves and heal.”

Visit Jess Pomerantz's official website.