Hay que sentir el pensamiento y pensar el sentimiento”  this quote had me wonder for a long time, but I wasn’t sure about its real meaning up until now. But after experiencing Spain’s vibrant culture and shining festivals, I get it now! You have to feel what you think and think about how you feel and all these emotions I felt while attending the celebrations that the entire Spain celebrates. I am now content. Of living in big moments till celebrating small moments, this country sure knows how to treat life like a party. If you are a person who believes or is willing to experience this feeling, then all you have to do is Attend These Spanish Festivals & Relish the Great European Culture.


The Best Spanish Festivals to Add to your This Year bucket-list

Some festivals have already gone, and some are yet to come! Here’s what you can experience still this year!

Feria de Abril or Sevilles’ April Fair

The April Fair in Seville is a big event and will definitely make you fall in love with the country’s culture. This week-long expo begins with the traditional lights entering the fairground entrance at midnight and ends with the essence of Andalusian art such as entertainment, color, and flamenco. Everything you need to do to make the most of one of Spain’s most popular festivals is just visiting Spain during the time and enjoying yourself.

Horse Fair in May

Happy celebrations, Andalusian cuisine, flamenco performances, and many horses, are all Jerez's harness exhibition that attracts people's attention. The Horse Fair is one of Spain’s main festivals in May month and helps everyone gather to admire the horse-riding parade and indulge in the Spanish tapas sold in more than 250 stalls. A festival dedicated to all kinds of horses. When attending the fair, don’t forget to taste delicious Spanish tapas! Make sure to keep your traditional attires ready, Make American Airlines Reservations in advance, and relish this special celebration.


Los Patios de Cordoba Flower Festival 

This is held in the first week of May every year and is a long tradition in Cordoba. During this festival, the owners of the most beautiful terraces open them for public viewing. A large number of tourists participated in this colorful expo. Nature lovers will hold a dance party in Cordoba at this time. Since the first terrace festival in 1918, locals have been paying great attention to their terraces. These terraces make it one of the most charming and famous festivals in Spain.


Sant John Eve in Barcelona

St. John’s Eve was celebrated on the evening of June 23, marking the beginning of summer. You will see bonfires and fireworks at the beach for celebration. Within the context of custom, many people cross the stove and jump for "good luck.” The ways of festival celebrations in different parts of Spain are numerous dial American Airlines Telefono and get to know the highlights of a vacation package to Spain. For example, The focus of Galicia-Spanish Cuisine, Barcelona, and Valencia’s highlights-fireworks.

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