When students apply for college admission, they need two or three recommendation letters from their high school instructors. College admission officers specifically ask for recommendation letters if they do not know how to writer recommendation essay they can take help from essay writing service. Most colleges specify the required format and what specific things they are looking for in a letter of recommendation. 

A letter of recommendation plays a vital role in the student’s admission application. It can make or break the chance of a student getting admission to a college. Therefore, you need to be very careful while writing a recommendation letter. Make sure you only agree to write a letter if you can write a positive recommendation. 


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Below you can find a few advice that will tell you how you can write a positive and incredible recommendation letter for college students.


  • Think carefully before saying yes


As discussed above, make sure you only say yes if you can write positively about the student. If you don't think you can write well about the student, tell them directly that you are not comfortable to write my essay. If it is possible, point the student towards the teacher who is a better fit for them.


  • Make sure you know the student well enough.


You can only write about someone if you know them well. If you are not familiar with them you can’t write anything about their personality. You can ask the students to provide you with a list of their achievements and extracurricular activities.  Creatively add those details in the letter to make the student’s personality shine.


If you think you cannot write a good recommendation letter that helps students get admission, get it done from a professional essay writer.


  • Focus on the particular college they are applying to and collect information about it.


Ask the student to provide you the details about the college they are going to apply to so that you can focus on that particular college while writing the letter. The letter requirements for a community college are different from the requirements for a state or private university.


  • Mention how do you know the student

Clearly mention how you know the student and how long you have known the student. If you have taught them, tell which course and how many courses you have taught them. And state how well the student has performed in those courses.


  • Introduce the student carefully and write about their personality as a whole

Introduce the student with something that makes him stand out from the rest of the candidates. Tell something unusual about the student that the admission officer remembers even after reading the hundreds and thousands of other recommendation letters. Discuss their personality and character more than their accomplishments and achievements.


  • Give a direct recommendation.

Give a sincere recommendation for the student to their selected college. If the student is sending the letter to only one college, make sure you mention the college’s name. Learn how to correctly mention the name of the college from a legit writing service just ask them to write essay for me.


  • Conclude with an appropriate closing

Provide specific examples that enhance the student’s application and make him stand out among other candidates. Tell them how the student can benefit the college community. Make sure you mention all your contact details so that they can contact you if any further questioning is required. Give your best regards and encourage the college to consider the student’s admission applications.


  • Keep the letter under one page.

Keep it short and simple. College applications have so many different sections that provide details about the student. Therefore, there is no need to repeat things that are already provided in detail in other parts of the application. Just given a direct recommendation by mentioning how the student is the best candidate for the college and wrap it up.


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