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THE ORACLE by Haley Varacallo

THE ORACLE will perform songs from their debut EP, Lost Amulet, at the album's release party, taking place Friday, August 20th at Refuge Arts in Bedford Stuyvesant.

The album captures the diversity and beauty of queer love by blending poetry with soaring vocals and deeply emotional narratives that according to THE ORACLE, creates an immersive, uplifting and healing atmosphere meant to counter these tumultuous times on earth today.  “I’m thinking of Lost Amulet as a book of astral love spells,” the self-identified nonbinary queer femme artist explains from their Brooklyn home. “Like different facets of a diamond, the musical direction is multifarious, but maintains an upbeat tempo and glistening ethereal ambience throughout.”

The EP opens with “Dark Iridescent,” a sad, brooding song about chasing after quickly transforming, fluid energy. In the next single, “Clockwork”, THE ORACLE fuses spoken word poetry into an intensely dark but flowing narrative. It leads into the hyper-pop “Cloud 9 Angel” that THE ORACLE lovingly describes as a straight up sappy love song. It is followed by “Leaving Earth” and then two remixes of “Celadon Haze,” the song that first introduced THE ORACLE to music fans last winter.

“Celadon Haze" told the story of queer exes, contemplating the rekindling of their love due to the isolation of the COVID pandemic. While the original version of “Celadon Haze” was a Bjork-inspired ethereal trance/pop track, the remix presents a fresh new house beat with vocal effects and subtle drums.

When THE ORACLE released “Celadon Haze” last winter, they included an immersive visual that helped to elevate the sensual experience of the song. It received nearly 20,000 views online, proving to be a winning strategy that THE ORACLE will employ once again this summer with new visuals.


THE ORACLE was born in Jerusalem, Israel as Julia Sinelnikova and until five-years-old, lived in St. Petersburg, Russia. The family relocated to Texas and between the ages of 10 and 14, Julia toured the country, performing with a singing choir.

Now living in Brooklyn, NY, THE ORACLE remains an artist, working predominantly in sculpture, lighting design and performance.  “When deciding on the title for the EP, I reflected on my periods of deep spiritual connection and elevation and the sense of loss and emptiness I have felt throughout my life as an artist,” explains THE ORACLE. “I hope listeners take away a sense of the depth of my range from Lost Amulet and that it encourages psychedelic exploration, excessive dreaming, and the imagination of new, utopian worlds.”

THE ORACLE performs at Refuge Arts (80 Vernon Ave) in Bedford Stuyvesant on Friday, August 20th.  Lost Amulet is available for pre-sale on Bandcamp.  Follow THE ORACLE on Instagram.