Robert Jenkins – Guest Contributor
Aug 4 2021
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N0t Listed will performs songs from their debut EP, BopShop, at Jersey City Pride on Saturday, August 21.

Leo, Kayvon and Josh make up the band, N0t Listed.  The group met in NYC’s underground queer circuit. Each member falls under a different classification of the LGBTQIA umbrella; Josh identifies as gay, Leo as bisexual and Kayvon identifies as non-binary and pansexual.

In uniting as N0t Listed, a name chosen because it derives from the feeling of not fitting into any of life's multiple choices, the guys wanted to create a project that  embraced their individuality and celebrated their queerness. “We hope to inspire others to feel powerful in their authentic skin, clear in the understanding that if an African American, Mexican American, and Iranian American can be werking it in times like these, they can too,” says Josh.

In their music, N0t Listed explores the extremes of all aspects of love from lust, intimacy, commitment and heartbreak.  The band writes all their own music and Josh does all the production.   They wanted the mood of Bopshop to be fun, fierce and fabulous, heralding an ultimate message that love wins.  

"Close My Eyes," the EP’s second single that released last week, is the moodiest and darkest on BopShop.   It serves the drama with heavy electro-dance and ethereal vocals.  Its accompanying music video, directed and conceptualized by RuPaul's Drag Race's Mike Ruiz, is trippy, like an acid trip gone wrong, with the guys dressed in eye-catching looks.

“Every track on the EP is a bop but "Close My Eyes" and our previous single, “Ridin’ This Wave,” are definitely both songs that let it all out on the dance floor,” says Kayvon. “They are kind of the yin to the other’s yang.”

Leo adds, “Whether we are voguing at the club, posing in front of a bodega, or swinging our wrists around in Josh's Manhattan studio, we are always serving and having a good time!”

N0t Listed performs songs from BopShop, at Jersey City Pride on Saturday, August 21.  The EP is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms.  Follow N0tListed on Instagram.