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Gamiotics Studios, the emerging leader in real-time audience engagement, has seen unprecedented success during its sophomore presentation of The Twenty-Sided Tavern, a live-action Dungeons and Dragons style interactive adventure that played to sold-out houses at The Asylum NYC in New York City. The show is part of a growing stable of products and experiences powered by Gamiotics who is leading the live entertainment market in audience engagement through browser-based software.  Preceding the New York production, The Twenty-Sided Tavern premiered in Philadelphia as part of Philly Fringe to rave reviews.  

“We are in the business of delivering experiences, inventing new ways of telling stories, experimenting with how immersive we can be and discovering the best ways to integrate live performance with new technology in audience experience, “ says Gamiotics founder and CEO David Carpenter “The feedback we got from this was overwhelmingly positive.” 

The Gamiotics team issued a survey to audiences during the limited New York City run, where an overwhelming majority of respondents said they would be Very Likely to recommend the show to their friends. Other feedback received included: “I found the experience to be very enjoyable, and actually a much stronger proof of concept than I expected.”; “Overall, such a great experience! I appreciated the commitment to character and audience participation” and” It took what I love [role-playing games] and made it more amazing!”

The role-playing genre is one of the oldest in the gaming industry. “Role-playing games can transport participants to another land, be reinvented time after time and bring magic into real life,” says Carpenter.  “The Twenty-Sided Tavern brings audiences the ability to experience the journey of a lifetime ‘without ever leaving your seat’ by combining the best of theater, improv and tabletop gaming. The Twenty-Sided Tavern is led by a resourceful gamemaster who encourages collaboration for the Dungeons & Dragons-style experience.”

The Twenty-Sided Tavern concluded at The Asylum NYC on December 15th, 2021 and will be announcing future engagements throughout Spring and Summer 2022.

About The Twenty-Sided Tavern

The Twenty-Sided Tavern, where laughter flows like ale and the story is yours to control. Every night is a new experience where you choose the characters, what paths they take, and how hilarious their hijinks will be. Battle monsters, solve riddles, and be rewarded with a unique ending based on how the game is played. Grab your friends and embark on the journey of a lifetime that might involve dungeons, might involve dragons, and is guaranteed to be unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Built by creators for creators Gamiotics is the ONLY software solution for the live entertainment market that connects the audience and content with zero hassle. It is web-based, there’s nothing for your audience to download, and it’s accessible instantly from the phone in their pocket. 

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