Robert Jenkins – Guest Contributor
Jun 6 @ 4:09 pm
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“Dreamland is a pop album from the perspective of a gay man, but it’s not a gay album,” insists Billy Winn, a Billboard-charting recording artist whose music ranges from high energy dance records to emotionally charged EDM.

He released Dreamland I last year. It included the hit indie singles “Seal It with a Kiss”, “If You Really Cared”, and “Crash.” This month, he is releasing Dreamland II, featuring the new single, “Another Broken Heart.” He'll perform songs from both Dreamland albums at Harlem Pride, taking place June 29 from 12pm-6pm.

In Dreamland I and II, Winn tell stories from the perspective of a person who has had his heart broken. The person just happens to be a queer young man of color. “I write from my experiences in a broad sense but those experiences aren’t defined by my sexual preference. They’re human. The songs on Dreamland I and II, in my opinion, speak to everyone.”

Dreamland II is notably angrier than the first EP. “I was listening to a lot of TLC and Janet Jackson while I was working on Dreamland II; specifically, Crazy, Sexy, Cool, Fanmail, and Janet’s Velvet Rope album. At the same time, I was listening to artists like Flume, Owl City, Robyn, and Tove Lo; trying to find a place musically where all those influences could exist or become something completely different altogether.”

The album's first single, “Another Broken Heart,” is a heavy-octane dance number inspired by Billy’s recent break-up. He admits it wasn’t intended to be a dance record. Its original chorus was midtempo. The idea to speed up the melody and make it a dance record came from his production team, Johnie & Elliot. “Johnie turned my sad ballad into the perfect summer song,” Winn reflects.

See Billy Winn perform live at Harlem Pride, taking place June 29, 2019 from 12pm-6pm at 12th Ave @ W 135th Street. Billy’s set will be between 1pm-3pm. Visit