cliff99 – Guest Contributor
Jul 24 2020

To all those aspiring skaters who have just arrived in the skate world, this buying guide would be very helpful to you.  It is understood that beginners may have difficulty in learning to ride the board as well as in choosing the beast skateboards.  Good thing there is now electric skateboard that reduces the need to push harder in order for the device to run.  Electric skateboard is powered with motor and battery.  It allows you to accelerate easier and is fast moving.


Things you should know about Electric Skateboard


The typical length of longboard ranges between 33” and 60”.  They are obviously longer than traditional skateboard that has 27” to 32” length. 

Wheel Base


The wheelbase is the distance between your board’s inner mounting holes.  This determines how far apart your front and back wheels will be.  If you own a skateboard with wider base, the more stable the board will feel.  You must take note that the wider the wheelbase, the larger the turning radius. 


So, it is recommended that you pick a device with a wheelbase that is narrow so that you’ll be comfortable with in riding it as well as in maximizing the turning ability. You can also contact forget the more interesting details about electric longboard.




Have you seen the curve at the one edge of your skateboard? You call that a kicktail which is also one thing to look into when buying an electric skateboard.  What is the purpose of kicktail? It is use to lift one end of the board off of the ground so that you will be able to hop in curb, make quick turns, the tail brake, and of course do some tricks.


Wheel well vs cut out


Wheel wells and cut outs are designed to prevent wheel bites (That is when your wheel rubs the deck and throws you off the board).  This is very important as it also affects your move.


Take note that a good design of cut out will allow your foot to be placed as near to the truck as possible. the closer your feet are to the trucks, the more responsive your control will feel. 


The Shape


If you choose flat skateboard, there will be more room for your feet on the board.  This is great if you have larger size feet.  This is also good for doing tricks and even in board walking.


Convex boards have deck that is arching upward.  Such shape provides riders with more instinctive foot placement.  This is very much ideal for skaters who love to perform tricks downhill.  Such shape is also not common to everyone unlike the flat decks.  So, it is very much important that you know which ways you usually use your electric skateboard. 


Radial shape is the most common of all the deck shapes.  It is known for its U shape curve and could be seen in most skaters.  Most skaters too prefer this shape because its concave gives you a lot better grip.