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Barry Huffine and Stevie F

“U Sexy Mutha U” is a high energy retro pop record infused with gospel house.  Written and produced by Barry Huffine and Stevie F, with additional keyboards by Kris Nicholson, the singer Zhana Roiya says she drew inspiration for the track from KC and the Sunshine band. “I’ve always loved how they made songs that made you stop what you were doing with a hypnotic and infectious hook. I wanted to capture thBrinat essence in the song.”

The song is her follow-up to last summer’s "Lick Me Up", the #1 Billboard dance music hit produced by Tony Moran and Dani Toro.  “U Sexy Mutha U” pairs Roiya with house music producer dynamos Barry Huffine and Stevie F. for a catchy song with an overall feel-good vibe.   Stevie F’s explosive lyrics and Huffine’s finely tuned production give the song a depth that Zhana is able to sink her teeth into.

“We wanted to create a song that was catchy and that anyone could relate to,” says Stevie. “What’s more universal than desire? There’s a time in everyone’s life where their eye catches someone with a crazy sex appeal that really revs up their motor; someone they can’t stop thinking about who they want to be with.”

Huffine admits he's been wanting to work with Zhana on a project for years. “Everyone in the Dance Music scene knows how she’s able to deliver a lead vocal that’s on point with sweet harmonies that are simply amazing.  If club fans had any idea how many massive club hits Zhana’s been on through 90’s and 2000’s, under various names, it would blow them away."

The label has rolled out a long list of remixes from some of the best names in clubland to support the track.  They include 17-time Billboard Dance #1 remixers Division 4 and Matt Consola, 15-time Billboard Dance #1 remixers Dirty Disco, Bearlin Records super producer Jose Spinnin Cortes, London-based Circuit mega producer and label owner GSP, and former Paisley Park/Prince engineer turned producer Larry Peace. There are also versions by Nu Disco award winner Lucius Lowe, Spain’s Italo-Iberican pioneer OBTUS (aka Julián Guarque) as well as DJ/ remixers Max Grandon, Guy DeGiacinto and the team of Alberto Ponzo & Fabio Campos.

Each mix offers an interpretation that takes the original into new and exciting territories.

“Clubs need a song like ‘U Sexy Mutha U’ right now because global current affairs are so dark and bleak,” says Matt Consola of Swishcraft. “All this division is taking a toll. We need uplifting music we can escape into."

“Believe it or not, I first heard the hook of ‘U Sexy Mutha U’ in a dream,” reveals Roiya. “As soon as I woke up, I recorded it on my phone and waited for the opportunity when I could lay down the track in a studio. I know in my heart that ‘U Sexy Mutha U’ will be a song to define the summer ahead.”