The grappling dummy bjj comes with straight legs and the arms are in fighting position this makes it more useful for techniques like punching, knockdown, keens etc


Grappling Dummy BJJ

Smooth to the touch and remarkably realistic in both feel and form. This remarkably well-made Grappling Dummy BJJ features not only sturdy and durable construction, but also a large and life like size that can be stuffed with an array of possible filling options to create the look, and the bulk, that you prefer to workout with during training sessions. Ideal for practicing your ground work, takedowns, leg moves and more; with each workout you spend working with grappling dummy bubba will quickly transform your practice time with an actual partner. An incredible workout tool that really makes a difference in your moves, this mma grappling dummy with handles boasts an upright form and is designed to take a punch with ease over and over again.




BJJ Dummy

This bjj dummy comes in kneeling position and its arm are in position of grapple the usage of this type of is that you can easily use techniques like turtle and triangle choke, running from grapple even you can place it on the floor and practice turtle techniques especially for beginners 


This grappling dummy  of weighing up to 50kg once it’s filled properly from top to bottom; this strong and well-made grappling BJJ dummy comes unfilled so you can stuff it with whatever material or filling you choose to make it most comfortable for you and your workout. Manufactured from especially strong and long-lasting artificial leather material and designed with a zipper that allows you to easily fill it from the top, this exceptionally crafted unit is designed to last through workout after workout without showing even a hint of wear.