The World Championship is today a challenge to save its five-year-old Shepherd Record, so it is also a challenge to avoid failure in the end of this year, and to avoid failure in the series. After Tim 2015, he has never lost a single one on Ham Ground. On the other hand, he was in Pakistan, West Island, Ireland, and Australia's most difficult season this year.After his death, he lost his plan. I don't want to suffer from the worst mistake of the last match.

In both countries, the third day of the mixture is played in the Old Trevor. The series is equal to 1 to 1. In Michigan, he was very convinced that he had won six weeks in 22 January and won the great victory of Australia.

Cricket Syne's division is 100 percent correct, against Australia, Syrian victory.

In the third row, an Australian experiment will include the name of the Vietnamese Stein, which was able to play the first two guinea players because of his head's fourth leg, who printed the monkey and hit Little Justin Linger. He confirmed that they'll play in the middle.

In England, the wife of Karen's brother sat down in the middle of the day, putting Ali on a definite team, and staying in England will not be able to change.

On the Australian team, where the name of the station is going to play is better than the other players, so will the name not be eaten, or will the model become more frightened? It will be done before Mitch.

There will be a new vaccine for the mix, which is more likely to be coloured, so the first one can be painted between 270 and 295, which is predicted to be clear, and the last 20 hours of the other one can be painted. It's possible.

The second D.A. today, at risk of five years of record,

Will the T-win team prefer the first batch or start filling it first?

The first batch team in the Old Trevor won the first eight months ago. This is why it appears to the two captains, so in the past, one Morgan chose to win the first game.

This decision can only be reversed in a second language, which is expected to take advantage of the child's website. It is possible.

According to the Kyrgyz Sync Division, the captain of Australia won Iran's Finch Agrast, they will prefer the first child and leave the most difficult search for a series of defense teams.In the form of the first Morgan site, It's going to save Mitch, and in other words, it's going to be a problem.

The English team won the test, so this is the case for Australia. Australia is not losing the past four years, but saving the five-year record in the UK, and making it easier for the successful ones. It looks like a porridge can go into the pocket of Mitch King Day.

Joe Root is 68 for 6,000, Aaron Finch is 5,000 for 29 and Glenn Maxwell is 45 for 3,000.

In the last match, England's 9th and 10th ranked batsmen made an incredible contribution and then 30 overs after Australia's ongoing set innings, suddenly the English bowlers snatched the victory from Australia by taking 6 wickets within 22 runs. They won the second match of the series at Old Trafford by 24 runs. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, now the three-match trophy is to be decided in the last match on September 16. Australia's innings ended at 207 in reply to 232 runs. Joffra Archer, who took 3 wickets at the crucial time, was declared the best player of the match.

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