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Background: Chinese – spoken by over 1 billion people – is quickly becoming a language of prominence. Whether it is in the field of business, or the field of diplomacy and politics, Chinese has been iterated to be the language of the future. Business is booming as usual in China – recently business insider published that China has overtaken America to have the most wealthy people in the world. Also, China currently ranks first in terms of GDP (PPP) in the world. These numbers should serve as a guide towards the importance of Chinese translation towards the future of business. 


Translation: Chinese is a language with various complexities. So great was the difficulty in learning traditional Chinese that the Government introduced the Simplified Chinese writing system as an official writing language in 1949 to combat illiteracy. However, Chinese being a logographic language system still offers tremendous arduousness during the process of learning and translation.


Just to give a quick example, for a new learner Chinese characters ? (tu - dirt) and ? (shi - scholar) might seem the same, however, the first stroke makes all the difference in how the word gets translated. 


Translation services: Translation can be sought from various sources. The traditional method of seeking a professional translator and translating provides the accuracy that one might expect to be in accord with industry standards. However, the overall process is cumbersome and time-consuming.


Machine translation can always be an option. It sure is quick. However, one always has to compromise accuracy for turnaround times. Express (a UK based magazine) rated Google translate 4.3 (out of 6 – i.e. 71% accurate) when translating from Chinese to English. The number (71%) is ineffectual in legal and financial institutions. 


Treading through the various sources, one might finally land in the doorsteps of certified chinese translation services. With online Chinese document translation, you get the best of both worlds – quickness and accuracy. Since translation is performed remotely, translation can be performed hassle-free and quickly. Besides, it remedies the problem of machine translation – since translations are executed by native language experts. Besides one gets a surety in regard to confidentiality, professionalism, and support for various forms of translations (be it documents, or voiceovers) in various languages. 


Documents requiring translations:

  1. 1.      Medical Translation: 

Consent forms and Trial contracts

  1. Instructions for Use for medical devices and administration of drugs
  2. Case Report Forms (CRF)
  3. Study drug labels
  4. Localization of medical software
  5. Clinical protocols and protocol outlines


  1. 2.      Business Translation Services
    1. Website translation
    2. Annual reports and business plans
    3. Marketing brochures
    4. Business proposals
    5. Correspondence letters


  1. 3.      Legal Translation
    1. Medico legal
    2. Court transcription
    3. Affidavits
    4. Agreements
    5. Patents
    6. Litigation documents


  1. 4.      Technical Translation Services
    1. Chinese Technical Translation
    2. Manuals and User Guides.
    3. RFP and RFQ documents
    4. Material handling documents
    5. Datasheets and web content


Summary – Incorrect translation can lead to some hilarious situations – Google hilarious Chinese tattoos, and restaurant menus – however, it can also be a cause of legal burden and financial losses. As such one should apply a measured approach when translating documents. A reasonable approach to get accurate and timely translations are Chinese translation services. So, whether looking for Chinese to English translation services or English to Chinese translation services, an online translation should be your go-to choice.