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In the United States, (USCIS) - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is a government organization responsible for handling all the immigration requests, citizenship requests, and other such related matters. One service which is widely demanded by the individuals looking for US citizenship or dealing with immigration issues is certified document translation services.

What are The Certified Translation Services?

A certified translation is offered by an authorized agency that has certified translators to deal with such requirements. In this service, a certificate is given along with the translated document which ensures the accuracy and completeness of the translation. All of the online certified translation services has the following parts - 

  • The content in the source or the original language
  • The content in the target or the translated language, and
  • A certificate signed by the certified translator or the translation agency.

This certificate states information about the translated content and the certified translator or the translation agency as well. The basic purpose of this statement of the certificate is to ensure the customer that both the original and the translated content have the same meaning with respect to accuracy and the complete translation of the content has been taken place.

This certificate includes all the following pointer - 

  • Full Name of the translator
  • Details of translated documents
  • Number of pages
  • Title of the document
  • Translator’s Address
  • Signature of the certified translators
  • Certificate issue date

Why Certified Translation Services Are Needed?

There are many instances that might end up for you with using accurate and affordable certified translation services like Quick Transcription Services. A few of scenarios where the demand for certified translation services is high are - 

  • If you are immigrating to the United States, for the immigration process you have to translate all your documents into English, as USCIS accepts certified documents in the English language only.
  • If you are applying for US citizenship, USCIS will demand documents to be translated into English along with the certificate of translation.
  • Certified legal translation services are also very commonly used by lawyers, law firms, and other legal personnel. This industry deals with sensitive information that needs certified translation.
  • Certified translation services are also used for translating certificates or documents such as – birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. while updating your public records.
  • For students moving to other countries for higher studies will also need certified translation for all their certificates and documents that they need to submit in their universities.

How to Get Certified Translation Services?

The most vital thing in a certified translation is to opt for a service that is accurate and offers great quality content. Quick Transcription Services is a company that has certified and native translators who are experienced in offering accurate and quality services. We are also one of the most affordable certified translation services in the entire United States. Our services come with quick turnaround time and also have early delivery options for small projects. To get the best-certified translation for your documents, contact us.