Scarlettt Stark – Guest Contributor
Jun 8 @ 4:36 am
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One of the most interesting facts about Sydney is that it almost-never sleeps and has one of the best nightlife in the world. And if you’ve been wondering what to do in Sydney after sunset other than hanging out at your usual coffee place or catching a movie, let’s look into some of the offbeat activities for you. From a worth-a-lifetime dinner cruise experience in Sydney to getting a reality check by climbing atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there could be more than just a few activities lined up for you.


As true as it stands, the most rewarding sight in Sydney is indeed the fairy-lit Sydney Harbour after dark. And wouldn’t it be great to notch up your dinner with a visual treat at Sydney Harbour? Hop on board one of those fancy Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruises for a cinematic experience that you’ll cherish forever. There are even showboats in Sydney Harbour which organise live performances for their guests. A dinner cruise in Sydney also serves you an opportunity to savour some of the best delicacies you’ll eat in Sydney. Sunset cruises, night cruises and dinner cruises are three options you can choose from if you’re planning a night out in Sydney Harbour.



Sydney’s title of being called a foodie’s paradise on the internet has been a thing for a while now. So only count it a loss if you haven’t yet explored the famous eateries (oh! not the multi-hatted ones) and street food markets in Sydney clouted for its vibrant potpourri of flavours. And the best time to stroll out for your food adventures are evenings, when the weather isn’t too harsh on you and the stores are all decked up with fancy lights and great music.


When visiting Sydney Harbour, you might have wondered which could be the best vantage point around the area. We think we have the best answer for you. Climb atop Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge for the most stunning views of Sydney while also getting an adrenaline fix. An instructor will guide you through the narrow stairways that lead to the top of the bridge where you’ll get a view you wouldn’t ever forget in your lifetime. Totally worth the risky climb!


The glitz and glamour of Sydney’s nightlife could be far from what one would call ‘cheap’. But don’t bother. You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy the best sunsets of a lifetime followed by barbecue night on a warm and breezy beach, do you? Head to one of the nearby beaches with free BBQ and picnic facilities and pop a champagne for the best time.


The Sydney Observatory, located on the Observatory Hill would interest you if you’re an admirer of the skies. Head to the Observatory for a peaceful stargazing experience and if you’re lucky, you can make a wish upon a shooting star.


Finally for the shopaholics out there, Sydney is a famous destination for both luxury and street shopping. Roam around the city streets along with your friends and explore the latest trends and everything modern and vintage. From the fascinating rock markets to quirky flea markets and more, explore the most inspiring and artistic streets of Sydney. Moreover, don’t always stick to what your itinerary says, lest you miss out on the little surprises the city has for you.


Are you tired of travelling in the same old routes in Sydney? Have you been wondering how to make your evenings fun? Read on to learn about a few offbeat activities you can do in Sydney.