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We all have experienced some sleepless nights at some point. We are affected by many things in our lives and stress plays a large role in our sleep pattern. However, there are also several other factors that can affect the quality of our sleep.

In this article, we will discuss the issue of varicose veins and what affect the condition can have on your sleep. We will also provide some simple things you can do at home to improve your condition and hopefully get a good night’s rest.

Varicose Veins and The Impact on Sleep

Varicose veins and muscle cramps go hand in hand. However few patients and even some physicians are unable to put the two conditions together. Doing so, may help you find the solution you need.

To begin with, varicose veins are more common than you think. In fact, 25% of the population has some form of vein disease. Given the large array of symptoms associated with varicose veins ,it is no surprise that restless legs and muscle cramps associated with vein disease is one of the most common causes of poor sleep.

The symptoms are worse at night with varicose veins when some of the circulation starts to improve with getting our feet up. All the swelling, pooled blood, and toxic metabolites start to circulate and with less distraction, the discomfort becomes more apparent.

We often attribute the condition to restless leg syndrome. The body senses the imbalance in your body and creates involuntary movements and contractions of your legs to promote some of the blood movement. The symptoms of RLS and vein disease are blurred with aching, throbbing, cramps and uncontrolled leg movements.

Treatment becomes directed at restless leg syndrome rather than addressing the underlying issue that is vein disease. However, unlike RLS, vein disease is very treatable. A vein doctor New Brunswick NJ can help provide the diagnosis if varicose vein disease is suspected.

How to Sleep With Varicose Veins

The first steps are conservative and in many instances, very effective. We review some simple steps you can take at home to help alleviate sleepless nights from vein disease.

Compression Stockings

The foundation of good vein treatment is the use of compression stockings. Many individuals will purchase compression stockings for use at home and work. Ideally, they are appropriately sized and fitted by a qualified vein doctor Edison NJ. The typical strength is 20-30 mmHg and they can be obtained as knee-high or thigh-high depending on the condition. For patients with bothersome symptoms on both sides, waist level compression stockings can also be considered. The primary goal of compression stockings is preventative.


Flush your system out before you go to sleep. This keeps toxic local metabolites from building up in the legs during the daytime that lead to cramps and muscle twitching.

Elevate Your Legs

This goes for both the day and night time. The more you can keep the swelling down in your legs by elevating your feet and compression stockings, the less likely you are to experience symptoms of vein disease.

Stretching and Massage

Before going to sleep, give your muscles a stretch to help them relax. Massaging your legs can also help settle any tension you have in your legs.

Vein Treatment

This can only be considered in consultation with a vein center New Brunswick NJ providing specialty consultation for vein disease. The diagnosis depends on a careful history and examination to look for clues of vein disease. If medically appropriate, an ultrasound will evaluate the size and direction of blood flow in your legs. This provides important information about the likelihood of vein disease potentially causing symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Modern vein treatments are simple and safe using minimally-invasive techniques. RF vein ablation and sclerotherapy are the primary tools and target poorly circulating veins. Diseased veins are collapsed from within and healthy circulation is promoted by the re-direction of blood. This stops blood from pooling up in your legs and causing symptoms of vein disease.


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