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Greybull Stewardship, L.P. (“Greybull”) today formally announced its acquisition of GreenEarth Cleaning. The Kansas City, Missouri-based company is the world’s largest brand of environmentally friendly dry-cleaning solvent, offering the industry’s only non-toxic cleaning alternative.

The GreenEarth acquisition marks the latest significant expansion into the garment care space for Greybull. In recent years, the Jackson, WY-based equity firm has invested in several cleaning franchises under their Clean Brands company, including both Lapels Cleaners and Martinizing Cleaners, collectively becoming the largest dry cleaning franchisor in the world.

"For those in the professional garment care industry, there is full acknowledgement that the industry embraces the evolving realities of environmental regulation as well as both landlord and consumer demand for environmentally friendly solutions. No brand in the industry has a better reputation for environmental stewardship than GreenEarth,” said Mason Myers, founder and CEO of Greybull. "This acquisition is a natural extension of our commitment to the garment care space, and we’re excited to partner with GreenEarth as they expand their presence in the industry."

Under the ownership of Greybull, GreenEarth’s current management team, led by President Tim Maxwell, will build upon the company’s impressive track record of revenue growth with a continued emphasis on customer service, product innovation, and geographic expansion.

“This entire acquisition process has confirmed to me that ownership of the GreenEarth Brand is moving from multiple pairs of guiding hands that founded the company more than two decades ago to a group that understands the potential opportunities available through so many avenues in the professional fabric care space,” said Maxwell. “The entire team here at GreenEarth is excited for the opportunity to continue to bring environmentally non-toxic cleaning to our affiliates around the globe.”

GreenEarth Cleaning was formed almost 25 years ago by Jim Barry, Ron Benjamin, and Jim Douglas, three dry cleaners who sought to improve the industry by providing a safe and non-toxic alternative to perc, the predominant solvent in use at the time. Since 1999, GreenEarth Cleaning has provided an environmentally non-toxic technology to thousands of dry cleaners around the globe who in turn have cleaned some 600 million pounds of clothes during that time. This sustainable technology has allowed GreenEarth cleaners to use less energy and less chemicals. It’s a cleaning process that is proven to be environmentally non-toxic, allowing GreenEarth’s customers to reduce or even eliminate hazardous waste fees. The technology has been widely embraced by not only dry cleaners, but by the real estate, financial, insurance, garment manufacturing, and retail sectors as well.

Added Maxwell, “The most important thing to note about this acquisition for our customers and affiliates is that GreenEarth will continue to be GreenEarth. The ownership may be different, but the direction and vision of the company and commitment to our business partners remains the same.”

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