22, January 2018: A new short video, showing homeowners a more cost-effective way to remodel their old and outdated bathroom in one day for a quarter of the cost, has been released by surface renew, the Maumelle, AR industry leader in repairing, refinishing, reglazing and resurfacing of bathtubs, tub enclosures, sinks, tile, countertops and shower refinishing and resurfacing.

The video titled Remodeling a Bathroom in One Day, which further highlights the benefits of having a brand new looking bathroom, is available for viewing on YouTube at

“Imagine having the bathroom remodel of your dreams, just the way you want it, done to perfection in less than one day and for 1/4 or less the price of a full remodel… this new video will give you a clear picture of the impossible becoming impossible,” said the company spokesperson.

“In one day or less, we’ll make your old bathroom become like new again for you,” added the spokesperson.

The Surface Renew spokesperson note that with their new bathroom remodelling service, gone will be the days of homeowners calling contractors, interviewing them, getting quotes, picking the least shady one of the bunch and rolling the dice on hoping they stick around long enough to get the job done.

According to the spokesperson just one phone call to Surface Renew will begin the process to “(the customer) enjoying all the benefits of a new bathroom without having to pay an arm and a leg.”

Surface Renew, which has been doing bathroom remodels in Arkansas since the early 2000s, have had lots of happy customers who say the company does a pretty good job.

Read customer reviews of Surface Renew:

Having watched the video, here’s what Surface Renew wants homeowners to do next:

1. Decide now is the time to remodel your bathroom and call Surface Renew.

2. Consult the company about options and color choices.

3. Decide what want newly refreshed bathroom should look like.

4. Stand back and let the Surface Renew team work their magic.

5. Wait 12-24 hours, then enjoy the new look and atmosphere of your newly remodeled bathroom.

“When you call us, we’ll give you an upfront estimate right over the phone. No hard pressure sales tactics,” said the source. “If you like what you hear then invite us over for an on-site consultation. That way, we can show you color samples, measure stuff and get clear on exactly what you want. Then we can give you a solid price quote.”

The Surface Renew spokesperson assured that after receiving the client’s go ahead, on completion of the project, the old surfaces would look like new again without the high cost of a bathroom remodel contractor tearing everything out.

Other guarantees offered include:

• Not enduring a mess that lasts for weeks.

• No paying full retail prices for expensive new fixtures.

• A full 3 Years warranty on materials and workmanship.

“Just one day is all we need and you’ll save thousands maybe even 10’s of thousands of dollars on your bathroom remodeling project,” assured the Surface Renew spokesperson.

For Media Contact:
Company: Surface Renew, Inc.
City, State, Country: Maumelle, Arkansas, USA
Phone: 501-920-9326

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