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Merchants might sell effectively on Amazon one day while not the next day. It appears to be the case for many Amazon merchants whose accounts were abruptly suspended. They might cancel the account for a variety of reasons, ranging from poor seller productivity to policy infractions. In most circumstances, one needs the help of the Amazon Reinstatement Services to cope with the Amazon account suspension. Few are the don'ts to take care of while presenting the amazon appeal:


1. It is a big blunder to rush your appeal.

When one gets the suspension letter, the initial instinct is to respond immediately away. That's arguably the worst move one can do because submitting a hasty answer to Seller Performance has a negative impact on everything that follows.

A well-worded letter that addresses the core of the problem, explains a plan of action to remedy the issue and emphasizes actions that will be done to prevent future problems, although unintentionally, helps in this case. Allow yourself time to design a new strategy that will impress Seller Performance and, eventually, have your suspension lifted with minimum difficulty.


2. Never Fear or Fluster.

It is critical to realize that Amazon does not wish to suspend vendors. Seller Performance, the division in charge of suspensions and reinstatements, really wants to perform for the sake of it. Amazon's business model is based mostly on merchants offering as many ways as workable for customers to purchase. More sales equate to two more profits for them.

Amazon understands that customer support is the cash they used to buy client loyalty. Their reputation is based on consumers receiving whatever they want, at the correct price, and from a supplier that adheres to their standards. Most suspensions may be restored if you're a seasoned seller. All you have to do is trust the system and provide whatever Seller Performance requests.


3. You can't get help from seller support.

Even though many suspension emails instruct you to Contact Seller Support these are the very last things you should do. They can only offer basic answers to concerns about how to appeal an Amazon account suspension using a template provided.

It's not uncommon for sellers to screw up their appeals based on Seller Support's suggestions. They should contact seller Performance because this is the division that banned your account in order. They do not have a phone number and can only be reached via email.


4. Never blame your customers or Amazon.

Many suspended vendors attribute their suspension to specific orders or customers others point fingers at Amazon's rules. It is a massive no-no since Amazon is all about the client. Any blame placed on their customers would only lead to your reinstatement being delayed.

It's even conceivable that you were employing black hat techniques that violated Amazon's regulations. It is hardly news that many do not read the tiny print. Less than 0.11 percent of users read any website's or business's terms of service, but that doesn't make it right. It's your problem if you haven't read Amazon's policies.


5. Resist the urge to send many emails.

As you may expect, Seller Performance receives thousands of emails from prohibited account owners. The reasons might range from basic inquiries regarding account health to policy infractions. Sending several emails requesting an update on your suspension may cause your first appeal letter to become lost in the shuffle.

Whenever you write Seller Performance follow-up emails will need to seek your original email with your appeal letter, which is difficult to identify among the hundreds of emails received every day. Be patient; they'll read your original plea, eventually.


6. Maintain Your Professionalism.

Suspension of an account might be inconvenient. For many individuals, this is their sole source of income. However, acting disrespectful and using harsh language; when speaking with Seller Performance customer support will cause your appeal gets delayed.

Every day, Seller Performance handles hundreds of appeals, and the last person they need is someone calling him out for something which is most likely not their fault. You must have faith that they are performing their duties to the best of their abilities.


7. Threats of legal action are not required.

One of the factors Seller Performance looks for is accountability for your activities. As an Amazon seller will tell you, using a lawyer to approach Amazon about your suspensions is a costly mistake.

Amazon, not the lawyer wants to approach you directly to sort out the terms of the account restoration. When Seller Performance receives notification from a lawyer, someone will severely delay your appeal until you contact them directly.

Even if you employ an Amazon account restoration service, they can only advise that you should contact the Seller Performance team. If the matter includes copyright violations, a lawyer can be hired to meet with the complainant, strike an arrangement, and then have the complaint dismissed. When everything is in line, you can write a mail to Seller Performance stating what happened and asking for your suspension to be lifted.


8. Have Faith in the Process.

Keep your cool and believe that team has been working hard to get you restored as quickly as possible. In these cases, seeking expert help with an Amazon account reinstatement company is typically a smart option. They can assist you in developing an efficient plan for dealing with your suspension and avoiding doing things that may jeopardize your appeal.


9. Document forgery can make things terrible.

Many suspensions occur because of inauthentic scrupulous items which violate Amazon's Anti-Counterfeiting Policy. Typically, Seller Performance wants papers to establish the authenticity of your merchandise. When this occurs, few merchants resort to altering or forging invoices and other papers to fit what Amazon requires.

Amazon gets thousands of invoicing every day, and it's fairly easy for them to detect a forgery. If they found you culprit, will receive a new infraction termed forged and falsified which may cause permanent suspension or legal action.


10. Getting in touch with Jeff Bezos would be the last resort.

When they don't get a timely response from the team, several disgruntled account owners approach Jeff Bezos personally through email and argue their case. Doing so without first waiting for a response from the team does not ensure a favorable outcome. Jeff Bezos does not handle his email account.

He has a staff that handles these communications and forwards them to an escalation department. If you receive a negative answer from escalations, it will be more difficult to have your suspension removed in the future. Getting in contact with Jeff Bezos should only be used as a last option, as any form of appeal that is abused loses its value.


Our Amazon Appeal support service comprises trained independent professionals that give an efficient approach to address appeal services concerns in the shortest amount of time. Our services are an excellent way to handle your suspension issues. Unless your account is renewed, Seller Interactive will walk you through the entire process. Above all, you may reach out to us by phone or email. With Seller Interactive, you've come to the right place.

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