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Some people will be confused after reading the title “Virtual Assistant for Amazon dropshipping” but we make it simple for you by disarticulating the title in two parts. The first one is Amazon dropshipping, we will talk first then the further part is Virtual Assistant we will talk further.


What is dropshipping ?

In dropshipping seller fulfilment the order from a third party (i.e supplier or wholesaler) to the customer or we say dropshipping is a method to fulfill orders without keeping product stock. For more clarity, we take an example to suppose you want to do business but you don’t want to do or don’t have an idea of handling production, storage, shipping, delivery of products to the customer then you choose a dropshipping method in that when you get an order then you have to pay them to fulfill the order.


The process of dropshipping is-


  1. The product is sourced by your dropshipping supplier.
  2. There is a mutual agreement between you and your dropshipping supplier.
  3. Your 3rd party supplier or dropshipping supplier stores the inventory.
  4. The e-commerce web store or storefront is hosted by you.
  5. Order is placed by the customer
  6. The payment process is done by your end.
  7. Order is forwarded by you to the dropshipping service
  8. The order is placed by the dropshipping service
  9. The product is shipped by the dropshipping service

10. Finally, the dropshipping service ships the product(s).



Now, we can understand the work of e-commerce virtual assistant


Product Research- Product research is important because it can give precise ideas of current market trends that can generate high sales about the product by observing and analyzing.


Product Listing- Product listing includes images, title, description, and price.


Inventory Management- The process of storing, ordering, using, and selling a company's inventory includes management of components, raw materials, warehousing, processing, finished products etc.


Repricing Product- Change of price according to the requirement like during Xmas or any other festival maximum products have a lower price as compared to normal days to boost selling i.e. is good for both customer and company.


Order Processing- The process that is followed after a customer places an order that includes stocking the product to deliver the product to the customer place.


Customer Service- The support you offer your customer from before and after the use of products and services.

These are some of the important services that are useful for both Sellers as well as customer perspective some other services are equally important that is given below-


  • Order Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Product Offers and Promotions
  • Account health care
  • Handle return & refund
  • Negative feedback Remove
  • Handle A to Z claims
  • Order tracking and confirmation of shipment.


What is an Amazon virtual assistant?

The work of Amazon virtual assistant is to provide administrative support to business persons both onsite and online. Virtual Assistant saves lots of time by doing multiple tasking so that business owners can focus more on their strategies to grow their business.

From the above article, you will get clarity on how e-commerce virtual assistants help you in many ways and what is the need for virtual assistants for amazon dropshipping.

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