Pin on Pinterest is a global tech giant based in the United States that specializes in e-commerce, digital streaming, artificial intelligence and Cloud computing. It has been described as one of the most powerful economic and cultural forces in the world, as well as the world's most valuable brand.

It is an e-commerce platform for selling various goods and services. Amazon has strict policies; if unfulfilled by the sellers could lead to account suspension. When it comes to underperforming accounts and rogue performers, the corporation takes no prisoners.

Amazon has a well-documented counterfeit problem. In reality, in-authentic products accounted for 50% of account suspensions in 2017. Consider this; a new Guardian investigation discovered that the market still got plagued with fraudsters. 

However, even if you sell original products, your account may be suspended. As a result, the best offensive is a competent defense, and you must start preparing today.


What are the reasons for Amazon account suspension?

1. Violating Amazon's trading policies: Your Amazon account gets stopped if one of your goods gets featured on the prohibited products page.


 2.  Terrible Customer Service score: Amazon has set the following performance objectives to guarantee that its millions of third-party marketplace merchants provide a great customer experience which includes 2.5% of pre-fulfillment cancel rate, a late-shipment rate must be less than 4% and order defect rate feedback must be less than 1%. 

3. Misrepresentation: You may also lose your selling rights if you list illegitimate or counterfeit goods on your Amazon profile. Also, if you've created secondary accounts after being suspended, Amazon will consider this a red signal.

 Amazon Appeal Service: The first thing one needs to do is not to panic after suspension. Every message after the suspension of services is considered as a re-appeal. Thus, it must be ensured to make it look more professional to the Amazon team to dive into your grievances.

Amazon appeal services are the set of valuable services provided by our virtual assistant to make sure our client gets his account restored. 


Steps required for the appeal:-

Use the account page alert:

  • Go to the Amazon seller page.
  • Then, click the "Reactivate your listings" button. It is located at the top of the page, just below the toolbar.  You should notice a message that says something like, "Your listings are now inactive in the following marketplace(s):"  At this moment, your products are not being displayed for sale"; it will contain a link to reactivate these settings.
  • If you don't watch this box, your account may already be active.
  • Select "Active" from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, press the "Submit" button. You are now able to resume selling.


From the Settings menu configuration:

  • Go to the Amazon seller home- page.
  • Select the Account Info option from the Settings drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  • Look for and choose the "Going on a vacation?" button. It's directly to the right of the Listing Status label, above where it should state Inactive Listings not available for purchase on Amazon.
  • Select "Active" from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, press the "Submit" button. You are now able to resume selling.

Amazon Reinstatement Services: Reinstating an Amazon suspended account involves devising a strategy and submitting an appeal. It's a good thing that plenty of Amazon Virtual assistants are available to help you restore your seller account.

Sellers need to make an effort to plan their next line of action to continue reaping Amazon benefits. When selling on Amazon, there are several options. It's evident in the various rags-to-riches stories of many renowned authors.

Seller Interactive, one of the finest Amazon reinstatement services, works hard to assist consumers to get back into selling on Amazon. We provide specialized solutions to assist suspended merchants in filing an appeal.

You don't have to be concerned about your plan of action or appeal letter because we can assist you in developing one. Essentially, our team assists in relieving the stress of appealing to Amazon.

Services we offer: 


  1. Account creation failure: Do you want to eliminate the possibility of Amazon canceling your account? Our experts will assist you in correctly configuring your account and listing. We can assist you in refining your listing while avoiding any copyright concerns.
  2. Amazon Policy Violation: There are instances when vendors have no idea what violation they have committed. A reputable Amazon reinstatement team will do an in-depth investigation of your account to assist in determining the reason for your suspension.
  3. Protection of Brand: Hijackers and Counterfeiters are every Amazon seller's nightmare. They take the Buy Box button right under your nose and damage your brand. Our staff can put safeguards in place to protect your brand from rogue vendors. You don't have to be concerned about filing an infringement claim or writing a stop and desist letter since Seller assistance is here to help.
  4. Resolution of IP complaints: When Amazon alerts you of a violation of your intellectual property rights, our team of experienced intellectual property attorneys can help you settle the matter. They will file an appeal with Amazon and assist you in reactivating your account.
  5. Damage Recovery: When Amazon alleges you for selling counterfeit things when you most definitely do not, our legal experts may file claims against the businesses that accuse you. It will assist in restoring your account and correcting the accusation.

Requesting process of reinstatement of services: 

Submitting an appeal entails four steps. It begins with an evaluation, followed by an explanation, a plan of action, and an appeal letter. To provide the highest quality service to our consumers, our staff follows the following processes.

  1. 1.       Initial Assessment: We will investigate and examine your account to determine the infraction you committed. Our experts will undertake an objective evaluation to decide whether the appeal is worthwhile.
  2. 2.      Meeting: Our staff will go over the reasons for the suspension in great detail at the meeting. It is critical that both sides fully articulate the situation.
  3. 3.      Creating Action Plan: Various adjustments need to be accomplished before submitting an Amazon appeal. We will assist you in developing a strategy that will work for your company while also meeting Amazon's standards. These modifications will demonstrate to Amazon that you are eager to expand and make adjustments to your business.
  4. Appeal Letter Write-up: We will assist you in drafting the Amazon seller account suspension appeal letter. The violation committed and the efforts you took to address it must be included in the appeal letter. The appeal letter must be succinct, straightforward, and professional. We will be there for you till your shop is reopened.

Resource Box: Amazon Reinstatement services are an excellent way to resolve your suspension issues. Seller Interactive will walk you through the full procedure until your account is reactivated. Above all, you may reach us by email or phone. With Seller Interactive, you've come to the right place.

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