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Quality fitted home office at affordable rates.

Whether you are a small business, remote worker, consultant or an entrepreneur, a quality home office and study space are vital for working from home.

Bespoke fitted home office furniture manufactured to your needs could be the perfect solution. Riverdale bespoke joinery will use custom workspace designs with everything from room dividers to open plan room architecture to get you the perfect made-to-measure home office.


Home Office Furniture


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Configured to any space with a range of finishes and colours. All our furniture is Handcrafted in the UK with a 10-year guarantee.

From a traditional study library to a modern workstation in the corner of a lounge, we can adapt our study furniture design to suit your needs.

We offer a comprehensive bespoke study desk design and fitting service to create a custom workplace that suits you. Our tailored study, furniture design and planning services include Made to measure service.

Awkward corners and difficult spaces accounted for Individual storage solutions ability to hide unsightly wires and computer parts, Made to Measure Home Office Furniture in Sheffield. We know that the rooms in your home usually aren’t the ideal shape, especially if you’re converting what was a bedroom into an office.


Home Office Furniture Designs


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Fitted home office furniture must provide an equal amount of comfort and ambience that sets the tone right.

Revamping a current setting is a job perceived difficult than bringing in a fresh new look from scratch. Whether you are simply looking forward to making a few changes with customized solutions or decorate your new space, our consultants are here to discuss home office furniture ideas with you.

Home office furniture designs are, therefore, best when customized. With us, you get to check sample designs and material and get access to authentic manufacturing of all customized pieces.

With a 2-3 weeks lead over any home office furniture, the UK has to offer, and you only get the best product and service. Starting from furniture for bedroom, living quarters to common areas and cabins in offices we do it all with your style as the statement for every piece we make.

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Bespoke furniture is unique pieces of furniture made according to your specifications. It is made specifically for you, according to how you plan to use it, and what you want it to look like.



What Are The Benefits Of A Bespoke Piece Of Furniture?


Customised furniture is made specifically for you, making it unique to your home or business. Riverdale Bespoke Joinery is a custom-made furniture company in Sheffield. Our experienced team designs your high-quality joinery for a cost-effective price, with good measures of customer service.


Custom-built furniture is made to last by experts using high-quality materials and techniques. The durability of handmade pieces of furniture guarantees it will provide a great return on investment over time.


Because it is made specifically for you, you have more control over its appearance. Riverdale Bespoke Joinery’s custom-made products are made to your precise measurements, guaranteeing the ideal fit to your space. You also get to choose the paint colour or oil used on your items, along with smaller features such as whether or not your dining table will feature cross-bracket ends or have inlaid details on its seats.




When Is Custom Furniture A Better Choice?


While custom furniture is never a bad option, it is particularly convenient for individuals with unique spaces or specified proportions. You do not need to worry that your furniture is too large or small for your space when designed according to your specifications; something made according to your specifications will always fit just right. Think of a suit that has been custom-made: it might cost a bit more than something bought off the rack, but it will look and feel 100 times better, and you will feel better about the money spent knowing that it was made with attention.


Custom-made furniture is also a great choice for people who favour something personal or distinctive, or want something made just for them. We have experienced craftsmen in-house at Riverdale Bespoke Joinery, and we have also engaged outsiders to assist in building custom pieces. If you have a design selection for your piece of furniture, come to us with an approximate design, and we can turn it into a reality.


If you want to commission a high-quality custom-made furniture piece, please get in touch with your specifications. Alternatively, check out our website; we also carry various tables, benches, and chairs which can also be custom made to your specifications.



Do you ever wish your bedroom had more storage space? You are not the only person feeling that way. Clothes, shoes, everything we could possibly put in our wardrobes are breaking at the seams all over Britain. Freestanding wardrobes make things worse, by taking up space and restricting customisation options.


Built-in closets are an easy way to improve your bedroom storage. They add extra space fast--three times as much, to be exact--and they come in many sizes and finishes that can suit just about any setting.


Keep reading for all you need to know about installing fitted closets.


1. You'll have more room.


The gaps on top and sides of a stand-alone closet are screaming out to be filled with trinkets and dust. Fitted closets, by contrast, can be configured to accommodate all of a room's height. A fitted closet can make even a small space into a practical home, even when a bedroom is a strange-shaped one.


2. You're putting money into something.


You are investing your money in something. Then, the bad news comes in. You cannot take your bespoke wardrobes when moving, unlike a stand-alone. There is, says Neatsmiths Director, Matthew Nagle, a glimmer of hope. "Because of the premium buyers put on warehousing, particularly London properties," he continues, "your investment is always recovered when you sell the home". He suggests you choose between different levels of storage. Custom-built closets are available at various price points from a range of vendors.


3. Select from a variety of budget levels.


Homebase and B&Q are two examples of mass-market stores, and Neville Johnson is a specialist on fitted furniture.


A custom-built furniture company will devise and build wardrobes by hand, adapted to suit your space and your tastes, provided your budget allows. It is expensive, but the benefit is you do not have to modify your ideas to fit into the ready-made solution.


4. The best results are achieved through recommendations.


Always seek out recommendations from friends and family, no matter where you shop for bespoke wardrobe. You should also read online reviews, as well as go into a showroom to see and feel product quality. Visit at least three to narrow your options, and do not be afraid to ask about the services offered by each.


If you are hiring the best custom-made furniture firm or local carpenter, ask for their portfolio of past work. Ideally, visit the prior projects and speak with homeowners about the firm, its services, and how problems were solved.


5. Future-proofing is going to make the design feel fresh.


Choose a firm that will supervise the project from beginning to end, as well as help you with the design and installation, if you would like things to be simpler. This could help prevent expensive mistakes and stress.


Considering a well-fitting wardrobe is a long-term investment, you should choose future-proofing alternatives you know will still represent your style well into the future. Rachel Hutcheson from Sharp says: Before starting to add in more pieces of furniture, you would want to pick a colour palette for the room.


6. The importance of doors cannot be stressed enough.


When choosing cabinet doors, take into account your bedroom dimensions and shapes, and also consider your specific preferences. If you have limited space, go with sliding doors or double-folding doors, which take up less room to open.


Mirrored doors are particularly helpful in smaller bedrooms, as they give the appearance of more room, while also providing full-length mirrors without taking up precious floor space.


7. Preparation is essential.


You will want to do some measurements before starting the fitting closet project. To start, measure the ceiling height on either end as well as the center of the room. This will reveal if you will have to make adjustments in your closets to account for the falling ceiling.


Second, check that your floors are flat. This is another must-know piece of information, says Simon Bodsworth, managing director at Daval. "Fitted furniture can now be made to suit a particular size, or variation of floor height". . "When it comes to the material of your floor covering, you will want your wardrobe installed on a solid surface. . When installed on carpet, your closets can get submerged over time when the carpet settles, certainly ruining a once-perfect finish.


8. The phrase "made-to-measure" is just that.


Are there a few coves or skirts around the room? If you answered yes, make sure you include measurements for any fixed details that project out. These will alter how your closet is built on the back, so you need to make allowances for them in order to achieve the smooth, tailored look.


Are there any things you will have to move around before installing? If changing the outlets is not an option, custom-fitted furniture can hide the unsightly wiring, cables, or controllers of the incorporated lighting, yet still provide easy access. Just make sure you mention those requirements during the conceptual stage, advises Simon.


9. You'll need to get the room ready.


You are going to have to prepare a room. Rachel says, We generally recommend not decorating the room prior to setting up. "However, as our wardrobes are not supplied with a rear or sides like a regular one, you might wish to re-decorate your walls before installation as those walls will be visible when you open the doors. . In addition, we ask customers to remove all furniture in the bedroom prior to installation, and if a carpet is installed, it is folded back into the area in which the new wardrobe is going to be installed.




10. Choose interior design options appropriate to your lifestyle.


Your closet should look just as beautiful inside as it does outside. Make sure to select a supplier who offers an extensive array of innovative storage options that will suit your needs.


"Whether you have a wardrobe filled with tailored suits, or you have a sweet spot for an off-the-cuff Jimmy Choo," says Simon, "there are plenty of hidden or displayed alternatives that will suit you and your lifestyle".


To suit your needs, ask about hanging racks, shoe racks, and pants stands, as well as special roll-out shelves. Some companies even offer room for media devices, and incorporate lighting.


Budget Friendly Fitted Wardrobes


Been looking for an affordable way to get custom wardrobes?


With the modern-day constraints of space and storage, having an integrated built-in wardrobe is becoming an increasingly popular option among homeowners.


However, with a downturn and seemingly never-ending financial challenges, it seems that putting aside budgets for remodelling and renovating our prized homes is a necessity.


Budget-friendly walk-in closets are going to become a necessity!




What Are Budget-friendly Built-in Closets?


To start, let us get this straight: A custom fitted wardrobe is different from a stock closet. A traditional closet is designed with a single purpose first and foremost: To hold clothes.


Bespoke wardrobes, on the other hand, consider much more than that - not only do they make excellent use of all available storage space, but they also give storage solutions for a considerably wider range of property and objects (jewellery, ties, belts, shoes, paperwork, make up etc.)



What Are The Benefits Of A Custom-built, Inexpensive Closet?


Because they are such great space-savers, inexpensive, made-to-measure closets are such an awesome option. Freestanding closets simply cannot compete. Discounted fitted closets may even cost less than conventional ones, giving you a "win-win" situation.



What Are The Other Benefits Of A Budget-friendly Fitted Wardrobe?


Not only are fitted closets space-saving and more affordable than conventional closets, they look and feel a lot more organised. They pull a room together instead of giving it an awkward, sometimes disjointed look.



How Much Do Fitted Wardrobes Cost in the UK?


So, how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK? Contrary to popular belief, installing state-of-the-art, bespoke bedroom wardrobes does not come cheap (well, it does not need to be, anyway).


I love writing about how you can achieve stunning closet styles, even when you are strapped for cash. Sometimes, all you need is some imagination, savvy shopping, and a few carefully chosen pieces.


There is plenty you can do to aggressively hunt for answers, especially in terms of where you can find budget-friendly fitted closets. Here's how you can score fitted wardrobes for the low end.



Here's how to obtain fitted wardrobes at a shoestring price.


Compare prices offered, and also compare market prices. Get quotes, and work with them. Some companies specialise in custom-made wardrobes that may be able to give you affordable prices.


Get a fitting closet estimate or two from a respected firm that fits what you need, and then bring it to another firm to see if it can beat that.


Some companies can deliver incredible custom fitted wardrobes and storage solutions for a fraction of the price some of the bigger boys charge.


When it comes to your wardrobe comparisons, steer clear of the cowboys. Do your research, look at their portfolios and past work. You do not want some do-it-yourself guru coming in to make an ugly wardrobe.


You have options - make the best of them:


You would be surprised at how many alternatives are available for a well-fitting wardrobe: specific materials can add up to 40% or subtract from your price. That is an amazing bargain.




Inserts for the wardrobe


Consider: On a tight budget, you don't want the most expensive materials in your fitted closet?


Can you get away with using less expensive materials inside, yet still having a 10/10th-quality looking wardrobe? Then, that is down to which doors you pick!


On a budget, how to refurbish fitted wardrobes


Then it's all up to the doors you choose! Installing sliding wardrobe doors can totally change how the closet looks, and so can your space.


I would not compromise here, and I would recommend getting the best sliding doors that you can afford--that is what you will be seeing everyday as they open and close, and it is what will make the biggest difference from an aesthetic standpoint.


On a budget, made-to-measure vs. fitted wardrobes


If your budget is tight, it does not mean that you cannot have bespoke closets and have your house decorated exactly how you want.


If you are tight on budget, remember custom-built closets should be considered an investment. And any investment that you make to enhance your home (especially with regards to storage in your bedroom) will add to your home's value and sellability.


Budget-friendly walk-in closets are an awesome idea, but be sure to also seek out high quality walk-in closets. 


Prices for fitted bedroom furniture on a budget


Budget-friendly fitted closets are doable if you think outside of the box and learn how to shop smartly.


It's always worth investing a bit more time and effort to ensure that you receive the most bang for your buck (value for your money)