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Quality fitted home office at affordable rates.

Whether you are a small business, remote worker, consultant or an entrepreneur, a quality home office and study space are vital for working from home.

Bespoke fitted home office furniture manufactured to your needs could be the perfect solution. Riverdale bespoke joinery will use custom workspace designs with everything from room dividers to open plan room architecture to get you the perfect made-to-measure home office.


Home Office Furniture


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Configured to any space with a range of finishes and colours. All our furniture is Handcrafted in the UK with a 10-year guarantee.

From a traditional study library to a modern workstation in the corner of a lounge, we can adapt our study furniture design to suit your needs.

We offer a comprehensive bespoke study desk design and fitting service to create a custom workplace that suits you. Our tailored study, furniture design and planning services include Made to measure service.

Awkward corners and difficult spaces accounted for Individual storage solutions ability to hide unsightly wires and computer parts, Made to Measure Home Office Furniture in Sheffield. We know that the rooms in your home usually aren’t the ideal shape, especially if you’re converting what was a bedroom into an office.


Home Office Furniture Designs


modern fitted office

Fitted home office furniture must provide an equal amount of comfort and ambience that sets the tone right.

Revamping a current setting is a job perceived difficult than bringing in a fresh new look from scratch. Whether you are simply looking forward to making a few changes with customized solutions or decorate your new space, our consultants are here to discuss home office furniture ideas with you.

Home office furniture designs are, therefore, best when customized. With us, you get to check sample designs and material and get access to authentic manufacturing of all customized pieces.

With a 2-3 weeks lead over any home office furniture, the UK has to offer, and you only get the best product and service. Starting from furniture for bedroom, living quarters to common areas and cabins in offices we do it all with your style as the statement for every piece we make.

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