Budget Friendly Fitted Wardrobes


Been looking for an affordable way to get custom wardrobes?


With the modern-day constraints of space and storage, having an integrated built-in wardrobe is becoming an increasingly popular option among homeowners.


However, with a downturn and seemingly never-ending financial challenges, it seems that putting aside budgets for remodelling and renovating our prized homes is a necessity.


Budget-friendly walk-in closets are going to become a necessity!




What Are Budget-friendly Built-in Closets?


To start, let us get this straight: A custom fitted wardrobe is different from a stock closet. A traditional closet is designed with a single purpose first and foremost: To hold clothes.


Bespoke wardrobes, on the other hand, consider much more than that - not only do they make excellent use of all available storage space, but they also give storage solutions for a considerably wider range of property and objects (jewellery, ties, belts, shoes, paperwork, make up etc.)



What Are The Benefits Of A Custom-built, Inexpensive Closet?


Because they are such great space-savers, inexpensive, made-to-measure closets are such an awesome option. Freestanding closets simply cannot compete. Discounted fitted closets may even cost less than conventional ones, giving you a "win-win" situation.



What Are The Other Benefits Of A Budget-friendly Fitted Wardrobe?


Not only are fitted closets space-saving and more affordable than conventional closets, they look and feel a lot more organised. They pull a room together instead of giving it an awkward, sometimes disjointed look.



How Much Do Fitted Wardrobes Cost in the UK?


So, how much do fitted wardrobes cost in the UK? Contrary to popular belief, installing state-of-the-art, bespoke bedroom wardrobes does not come cheap (well, it does not need to be, anyway).


I love writing about how you can achieve stunning closet styles, even when you are strapped for cash. Sometimes, all you need is some imagination, savvy shopping, and a few carefully chosen pieces.


There is plenty you can do to aggressively hunt for answers, especially in terms of where you can find budget-friendly fitted closets. Here's how you can score fitted wardrobes for the low end.



Here's how to obtain fitted wardrobes at a shoestring price.


Compare prices offered, and also compare market prices. Get quotes, and work with them. Some companies specialise in custom-made wardrobes that may be able to give you affordable prices.


Get a fitting closet estimate or two from a respected firm that fits what you need, and then bring it to another firm to see if it can beat that.


Some companies can deliver incredible custom fitted wardrobes and storage solutions for a fraction of the price some of the bigger boys charge.


When it comes to your wardrobe comparisons, steer clear of the cowboys. Do your research, look at their portfolios and past work. You do not want some do-it-yourself guru coming in to make an ugly wardrobe.


You have options - make the best of them:


You would be surprised at how many alternatives are available for a well-fitting wardrobe: specific materials can add up to 40% or subtract from your price. That is an amazing bargain.




Inserts for the wardrobe


Consider: On a tight budget, you don't want the most expensive materials in your fitted closet?


Can you get away with using less expensive materials inside, yet still having a 10/10th-quality looking wardrobe? Then, that is down to which doors you pick!


On a budget, how to refurbish fitted wardrobes


Then it's all up to the doors you choose! Installing sliding wardrobe doors can totally change how the closet looks, and so can your space.


I would not compromise here, and I would recommend getting the best sliding doors that you can afford--that is what you will be seeing everyday as they open and close, and it is what will make the biggest difference from an aesthetic standpoint.


On a budget, made-to-measure vs. fitted wardrobes


If your budget is tight, it does not mean that you cannot have bespoke closets and have your house decorated exactly how you want.


If you are tight on budget, remember custom-built closets should be considered an investment. And any investment that you make to enhance your home (especially with regards to storage in your bedroom) will add to your home's value and sellability.


Budget-friendly walk-in closets are an awesome idea, but be sure to also seek out high quality walk-in closets. 


Prices for fitted bedroom furniture on a budget


Budget-friendly fitted closets are doable if you think outside of the box and learn how to shop smartly.


It's always worth investing a bit more time and effort to ensure that you receive the most bang for your buck (value for your money)

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