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The Titans Facebook page headline once read, “LI Lacrosse Has Arrived in Florida!” And that was a good thing… But now, it should read, “The Top Lacrosse Organization in the World Just Arrived in Florida!” That’s right, Titans Lacrosse has just announced a merger with Team 91 Lacrosse to form Team 91 Florida!

This is exciting news because with Team 91 comes all of the positional training, gear + apparel, back office support and the highest level of club lacrosse coaching that has made Team 91’s reputation what it is. Team 91 is a founding member of the NLF (National Lacrosse Federation) which brings together the top clubs in the nation to coach alongside each other in instructional camps + clinics as well as compete against each other in competitive events + showcases. 

What is the NLF?

The National Lacrosse Federation (“NLF”) and its six founding member lacrosse clubs (Baltimore Crabs, Big 4 HHH, Laxachusetts, Leading Edge Elite, Long Island Express and Team 91) are excited to announce a two-year affiliation with four highly acclaimed lacrosse clubs. Over the course of the next two years, the West Coast Starz, Edge Lacrosse, Mesa Fresh and Eclipse Lacrosse Club will be affiliated with the NLF and each club will attend all NLF events.

According to Sean Morris of Laxachusetts, “An affiliation with clubs of this caliber is consistent with the NLF’s mission to create an organization of the most elite lacrosse clubs in North America.” Additionally, the affiliate clubs’ most talented players will be given invitations to all individual events hosted by the NLF. “We want to play the best,” said Brian Spallina of Team 91. “From everywhere, and anywhere. Whenever we play. So, a partnership with these four clubs had to happen.” NLF team events will always consist of a small number of elite teams with talented players, such that every game is extremely competitive.


Team 91 Coaches are carefully selected by the Directors on their ability and especially on their demonstrated past performance to produce individual and team results. For many years, Team 91 has set the standard in high level play in places like Long Island, Westchester, Texas, California, Maryland, North Carolina and now we’re setting the standard in Florida. We’ve pulled together the top coaches in the state and combined them with our Long Island coaches and trainers to put together the most elite teams in Florida. Stay tuned for our Coaching List when our new Team 91 Florida website is launched in the next few days.


At the high school level, Team 91 produces among the most college commitments of any organization in the country. Our growing list of committed players to Division I and Division II schools serves as proof that our training and coaching produces not only winning teams, but also skillful individual players. Once our players reach the high school level, we put those players in the best possible position to get the most looks by college recruiters by playing in exclusive events, including NLF events, which are attended by some of the top college coaches in the nation. Team 91 Florida will also have access to the Team 91 recruiting coordinator who has been instrumental in getting players committed to some of the most competitive schools, both athletically and academically – nationwide.


Team 91 Florida has teams for Boys and Girls – ages U9 to U17. Additionally, Team 91 Florida is currently selecting players for our World Series of Youth Lacrosse qualifier team. In the Inaugural year of the World Series, Team 91 Crush took the world title, live on ESPN. We are also recruiting for our newly developed Team 91 National Teams. These teams are comprised of the top AA players from our Team 91 Programs across the country and compete in National Level events against top competition.


Date: August 20, 2017

Time: 2PM

Location: America’s Got Soccer. 3488 N Andrews Ave, Oakland Park, FL 33309.

Space is limited (indoor facility) So Sign Up Now





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Pop singing sensation Wiltay — whose recent Men’s Health Magazine cover revealed his washboard abs, establishing him as the “Beast of The East” — is urging fan to let go of the past and embrace the present moment in “Fly High,” his new urban pop track out this week.  Written by Wiltay, produced by Dreza, and being distributed by Yay Records, the empowering track is being called Mike Posner meets Justin Timberlake, with a bit of Enrique Iglesias flair, set against a haunting, hypnotic beat.   According to Wiltay, “Fly High” is meant to inspire fans into action.  “I get so caught up with old memories, I often miss out on what’s in front of me,” he acknowledges. “Holding on to yesterday is like licking melted ice cream. Toss that shit out and find something tastier to munch on,” he laughs. Wiltay’s “Fly High” is available on iTunes now.

“When I was young, being happy was effortless,” Wiltay continues from his LA home. “I was a happy, smiley, cheerful and rebellious kid.  As I grew older, though, happiness became attached to things like fancy cars and clothes.   It shouldn’t be that way. I recognize now that its time I get back to my origin.” 

The 28-year old is best known for his 2014 album, WTF, named Best Pop Album Of The Year at the Hollywood F.A.M.E Awards.  The album also received a Best Album nomination at the Los Angeles Music Awards, as well as Pop Artist of the Year (male), International Artist of the Year and Music Video of the Year for the superb integration of technology, music, fashion and art in his single, “Less is More”. 

Wil says he knew from an early age that he was destined for the stage.  “I performed my school’s annual talent contest in junior high. I was so terrible, it was funny.  Everyone laughed and I did too, but I remember thinking to myself that if I could make people laugh with bad singing, I could get them crying with good.  I taught myself the guitar and piano and the next year I went back on stage with an emotional song that got the tears flowing!  It was then that I knew I wanted to change people’s lives through music.” 

Until two years ago, Wiltay’s music was in the Euro pop genre. American Idol’s Randy Jackson took Wiltay in a dance direction with a more grown-up, salacious sound with “What Are We Waiting For,” a passionate track that attacked infatuation from a male perspective.  “It made sense because I’m big on romance,” he admits. 

“Fly High” continues Wiltay’s exploration into love and relationship, but in an even more mature, sensible way.  It’s a reflection of Wiltay’s past two years living in Los Angeles and experiencing the highs and lows of love first-hand.

“The greatest lesson I have learned is that expecting love from someone who does not love you back is like watering a dead tree. No matter how much water you put in it, it’ll never grow.”

He acknowledges that letting go is easier said then done, especially when it’s from a relationship that started out so promising, but it’s the only way to break free from a stunting situation.  He advises fans leave the past behind and walk into the present.  “There, you’ll find more beautiful moments and new trees to nurture,” he promises.  

Wiltay’s “Fly High” is available on iTunes now.  For more information on Wiltay, visit or follow him on Facebook @wiltayofficial.


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In Borrowed Theme (Penguin/Random House), Michael Evans says people need to rethink how they view religion, politics, morals and philosophy.

The book is a continuation of The Real Matrix, Evans’ groundbreaking treatise that taught readers how to release themselves from the psychological bondage imposed by parents, teachers and popular media.  Evans argued that the societal rules espoused by authority figures set limitations on an individuals ability to live a greater reality.
In Borrowed Theme, he goes even deeper, explaining how these beliefs are handed down through the generations and, in many cases, are outdated, foolish, and even dangerous.  
He says many of the beliefs we hold today are as damaging as those held by extremists.  “The sick-minded people who shoot up schools and nightclubs and fly jets into buildings do these things because they believe what they are doing is right based on the ideas they have been raised with.” This firmly held faith takes over logical thinking, and the result is suffering, for no legitimate reason.  “We, too, have been brainwashed into accepting lies concocted by our forefathers,” argues Evans.   “Its up to us to awaken from the alternative facts and begin to think independently from the Borrowed Theme.”
Evans feels the public is finally awakening to the truth.  He says it is a big reason why Donald Trump is in the White House.  “Mainstream media should be taken with a grain of salt,” he contends.   “Trump exposing Hillary as less than honest as well as exposing a left-leaning media is what got him elected.”  Evans considers independent media like Unicorn Riot as more reliable for facts.
While he believes Trump would agree with many of the ideas he presents in Borrowed Theme — the misuse of government spending, fake news, and misguided authority, among them — Evans knows Trump would not agree with everything. “I don't think he has the capacity to contemplate the origins of the universe or the folly of religion.  Even if he did, he would have to keep it to himself as his followers are mostly evangelicals.”
Michael Evans blames religion for instilling a lot of false beliefs that stunt the minds of Americans. From Genesis in the bible that contradicts scientific facts on the origins of the universe to denying climate change, he feels the lies are preventing Americans from moving forward. 
“The fact that education secretary Betsy DeVos wants creation taught to children as fact is scary,” argues Evans.   He feels religion should be based upon the wonders of science and the universe: a search and learning experience, rather than adherence to dogma. 
That’s not to say there is no value in religion.  “If belief in a fiery hell is the only thing stopping fundamentalists from killing other people, let them keep their beliefs,” he says.
But Evans wants his readers to be free thinkers; to spot the falsehoods of religious, political, and philosophical ideals and take full control of their own destinies.
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