The sphere of e-commerce is really competitive. Thousands of product sites battle for the clicks of shoppers all over the globe. Today with so many competitors fighting for the top spot, every edge your website can earn will go a long way.
Most website owners do their fair share of due diligence when it’s about site SEO. They make sure that a basis level of SEO tactics are applied to their e-commerce page. Yet with so much at stake, there’re simple things website owners can do to offer their website the additional boost it requires to appear at the top of the Search Engine Result Pages.
Optimizing e-commerce websites for SEO is a completely different ball game from blogs or company sites. Listed below are some strategies many sites usually ignore that can offer your e-commerce sites an extra edge.
Make Sure Appropriate Keyword Placement:
Appropriate keyword placement is really essential. By stuffing excessive keywords into your page, you risk being penalized by search engine algorithms. Therefore, your focus should be towards ensuring the keywords are in the right place.
Google puts emphasis on the starting of title tags, so this is where you will wish your targeted keywords. Be certain to slot in the keywords in the Meta description as well, because this will make sure that Google does not select random content from your page & use it as your description. It is a fact that Meta description itself does not influence your ranking; but it is unbelievably important, when it’s about click-through rates. So don’t overlook it.
Give Images Context With alt Text:
Numerous e-commerce websites miss the opportunity to make the most of solid image alternative text, or alt text. All text is simply expressive text applied to the images on your website. This text allows Google web crawlers read your image & give context in relation to the content adjoining it. Appropriately written alt text can offer your website an edge on the competition by taking advantage of the popularity of Google’s image search.
Avoid duplicate content:
You know that content is the king when it’s about building solid SEO. Unique content is really the king. You may have all the content in the world on your website, but if duplicates exist anywhere else on the internet, your ranking will suffer significantly.
While you will not be penalized directly for plagiarized content on your page, you’ll develop problems for the search engines when they try to index your URL. Plagiarized content just makes it tough for the search engine crawlers to decide which URL is most appropriate for given keywords.
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