05, October 2017: Knowing how to fund private school fees is becoming more and more difficult for parents as the years roll by. The stats don’t lie. Private school fees are up 70% since 2004. There are 654,000 children in private education, with average fees of £14,102. Boarding school fees alone can be as much as £32,259. This can seem as if it’s spiraling out of control to parents who want to ensure their children get the best possible start in life. Now, there’s a website that aims to help parents help themselves when it comes to school fees.

How Do Parents Afford Rising School Fees?

Demand is unaffected in spite of rising fees, especially for the most sought after schools. The only thing is, many successful and professionally qualified parents themselves who were put through private education now unable to afford the costs of putting their own children through private schools. They are left wondering how other parents affording it. There is a distinct lack of publicly available education on this subject, which is why the School Fees Guide was created.

The website provides parents with helpful information on school fees. This includes fees in general, as well as where to get specialist advice from. There are recommendations for accountants and financial planners with expertise in this area, then so you can ensure you’re getting the best possible advice.

What Does The Creator Of The Site Say?

The creator of the website was quoted ‘‘The vast majority of parents make significant sacrifices in order to provide their children with a private education, and it's becoming increasingly clear that careful and proactive financial planning is needed from an early stage. There is a distinct lack of publicly available information on this subject and we hope that the School Fees Guide site will go some way to filling this void. She goes on to say, ‘We want to help parents help themselves.’

Although school fees in places like London have doubles in price since 2003, you still want the best start for your children. The website can explain the assistance that is available for parents - more than 160,000 children get assistance with their school fees. 85% comes from the schools themselves. If this is news to you, you can learn far more with School Fees Guide to help you.

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