China; 15, April 2017: Globally prostate related diseases like cancer or increased size has been one of the major problems that trouble people beyond the age of 60 years. With advancement in technology and years of research, there are some great pretty effective treatments that are available to patients suffering from these problems. Dr. Song who has over 26 years of experience has come up with a unique treatment that is aimed at curing prostate cancer and other prostate related diseases. The treatment is offered at two clinics owned and headed by Dr. Xinping Song and his team. The clinics have treated patients from over 60 different countries besides the ones from China.

The treatment has been inspired from Chinese acupuncture by the use of natural liposome carrier for directly transporting a number of natural herbal extracts providing anti-cancerous effect that can kill cancerous cells from its roots. After the treatment it can leave a very high medicinal concentration on the cancerous cells and offer multiplying medicinal treatment effects. The treatment is spread over 4 weeks and the prostate cancerous lesion scope can drastically be shrunk and even disappear from MRO examinations.

Presently, the success rate of this 3D prostate treatment is 95%, which speaks volumes about its potential benefits. It has a pretty high curative effect through adoption of non-surgical, non-chemotherapy and non-radiotherapy without damaging or leaving any side-effects. The 4 weeks of this treatment are spread in 4 stages. In the 1st stage & 2nd stage prostate cancer lesion is confirmed and follows up by injection of a series of anti-cancer herbal extracts and unblocking herbal extracts in the prostate cancer lesion. The clinical 3rd stage involves prostate cancer lesion going beyond the prostate capsules and invading neighboring tissues along with organs like bladder neck, seminal vesicle, etc.

In the 4th and the last stage, the 3D prostate clinic by Dr. Song involves prostate cancer lesion to spread beyond the prostate through transfer of lesions to the nearby bones. It may also be done to the lungs and liver. It is an overall targeted injection of locally medicines inside the prostate capsules for treating primary lesion. It is further coupled with systemic treatment and targeted injection treatment of distant metastasis lesions. Being a treatment using medications that includes anti-cancer herbal extracts, it unblocks these extracts and helps in improving immunity herbal extracts.

About The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

3D Urology and Prostate Clinics by Dr. Song and his team offers advanced 3D Prostate Targeted Treatments for curing prostate cancer and eliminating the cancerous cells. It is a non-surgical method that is done by use of herbal extracts and has no side-effects at all. For more details, please visit their website.

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