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Your home is supposed to be a safe retreat, a place where you get to relish quiet moments, enjoy the company of family and friends, and work through the ups and downs of life. Anybody who has had their house burglarized will tell you that having the apparent security of the house destroyed can be very traumatizing & make it difficult to feel safe again. The great news is, there’re ways to make sure your house is not worth a burglar’s time. At Swift Locksmith, we offer 24 hour locksmith services in Durham NC to keep the homes & businesses safe and we wish you to know if you are dealing with your home’s security wrongly. Let’s talk about some common home security blunders below:


You don’t have a deadlock:

One of the crucial aspects to a successfully break-in is having the ability to move quickly. This entails that the more slow down a burglar, the safer your house is. Thieves are likely to avoid deadbolts since they take time to break. At the very least, you must have a deadbolt on your entry door. It is wise to have deadbolts on all of your exterior doors.

You can consult with us to find out which locks will work for you, relying on what kind of doors you’ve. For example, you cannot fit a conventional deadlock on a patio door, but there’re other solutions that are just as durable.


You don’t manage your windows appropriately:

A fresh breeze is always great, particularly at night. Or you might leave on tasks & leave the windows open so you don’t come back to an unventilated home. It is essential to comprehend that intruders usually turn to ground floor windows after not being able to get in through any doors. If you wish to have your windows open, be certain you are around to relish it. Whether it is night time or you are running errands, but it relies on what you are comfy with & whether or not someone could climb up to the windows easily.


Your take your privacy too far:

Your homes are your retreat from the rest of the globe, and having a place on the edge of an open lot, forest, or field can be a great experience. Nevertheless, remoteness can make you more defenseless. The best thing you can do is work with your home’s unique features to sustain visibility & safety. Our 24 Hour Locksmith in Durham NC can be an excellent starting point here. Call us now and one of our locksmith technicians will get in touch with you to scrutinize your property & make suggestions for improving your safety.

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