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When we talk about the most trusted door lock brands we’re not talking about the brands that you should trust. These are the brands that people have already trusted. We had a friendly banter with a professional locksmith in Cary about the top 5 most trusted door lock brand exist today.


Even if you don’t know Kwikset by name, you’ve almost surely used their products. In the US, this firm’s locks look to be on every home’s door.

A standard Kwikset lock is generally the cheapest brand of lock you can purchase. Sadly, this translates to a standard Kwikset lock being quickly picked and is not very bump resistant. It’s worth mentioning that its SmartKey cylinders are more resistant to burglary.



If you do into any home improvement store to purchase a lock, you’ll have access to Schlage locks. They’re slightly more expensive compared to Kwikset, but offer a sturdier physical construction & are difficult to pick and bump. The locks that Schlage makes are by far the best low-priced option out there. Much like Kwikset, the amount of people that use this lock is where we see the trust in the brand.



If you’re at most home improvement stores, you’ll possibly find a Baldwin door lock. They’re the most widely accessible decent quality lock. Not the best & not the worst. Still, though, people rely on this brand significantly. It’s a strong lock, with solid construction. Just by holding one you can feel the difference in weight between it & a cheaper lock.



When it comes to the repute of Yale, it’d be hard for anybody to say they don’t trust them. The largest reason that you can’t take a shot at Yale is that they’re widely considered to be the originators of the modern day pin tumbler lock. That means that all the technically better brands are standing on the shoulders of these giants.



This brand has done an excellent good job of getting their name out there. Mul-T-Lock is easily identifiable as the company with the key that’s morphing into a strong man. Many people trust the strength they perceive from the silhouette’s bicep flex. Their reputation precedes them. The locks themselves are very safe and sound. Often keys are integrated with an active element that takes a little more knowledge & experience to pick. They’re of course pickable, but they depict a challenge.


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