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Burglaries are often committed unexpectedly, but some intruders plan beforehand & manage their misdemeanor with much more accuracy. However, there is common ways that thieves enter properties that don’t differ for the most part. We discussed with a professional locksmith in Raleigh NC about the most common ways intruders outsmart home locks.

Unlocked doors and windows:

This is surprising the most common way burglars outsmart residential locks. To steer clear of it just ensure that your doors and windows are unlocked prior to going to sleep or leaving your house. Even the strongest security locks means nothing if it isn’t locked properly.


No Alarms:

If your house does not have an alarm, and situated on a poorly lit street, intruders have enough time to accomplish the procedure of bumping or picking your lock. However, if you’ve an alarm system in place, intruders will probably not even trying bumping to avoid activating the alarm. We suggest a monitored alarm system that’ll mechanically inform the authorities in your locality when it finds any vulnerable activities.

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It is estimated that more than 30% of intruders get through front entry doors & more than 22% enter via backdoors. Any lock weaker than top-notch deadbolts will do nearly nothing to stop them from entering with great force. Ensure to incorporate top-quality, and durable deadbolts to all the main entry point to your house, including the back door.


Sliding doors:

Sliding door locks are rather simple to get around, but you can avoid this by fitting a safety bar for wedging a dowel rod into the frame of the track, making a physical obstacle that stops the door from opening.



Intruders usually try to make the most of large, obstructing trees & bushes to hide for as long as feasible in order to use the time to break through your locks. We suggest cutting back tall bushes or hedges – particularly those nearby your home’s boundary – or at least having natural deterrents such as thorny or sharp plants. Also we recommend home owners to fit motion sensor lighting around entrance points of their house. This will scare off prospective intruders roaming around your property at night.

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