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From time to time, it is common to face problems with doorknobs & locks. If you don’t fix those issues immediately, those small problems can grow into bigger problem very quickly. Here’re some common doorknobs & lock problems you should know about from a locksmith point of view.

Loose knobs, locks, and handles:

There are so many moving parts in a door lock, and each component is vital as far as the security of your property is concerned. Gradually some of those parts can get loose & fall apart. Loose handles, door knobs and locks are mainly because of typical wear & tear from daily use.

If the lock or any part of the handles and doorknobs are loose, you may end up locked out of your home. Also lose components make your home a target for intruders due to the compromised components.

Don’t hesitate to call a locksmith in Durham NC right away to fix this issue.


Key broken inside the lock:

This annoying issue occurs frequently. Not just does a broken key lock you outside of your home, but it also can smash the inner parts of a lock. Sadly, repairing this problem is more than just taking off the smashed key. You shouldn’t try to fix this by yourself, or you could prompt more damage to the lock.

To fix this issue, a locksmith has to take away the rest of the key with the help of a special extraction kit. As soon as the key is out from the lock, your locksmith will examine & test the lock with your additional key. The bolt must completely extend & withdraw and the key should turn flawlessly. If none of these happens, you’ll have to replace the lock or repair the internal hardware.


Damaged lock cylinder:

When you put a key in a lock & turn it, the key must spin easily to lock & unlock the door. If the whole cylinder of your lock rotates, this is an indication of a big issue. A cylinder that twists with the key restrains the locking mechanism. You could get locked out of your home, or you couldn’t be able to lock your door, leaving it defenseless.

Problems with your door locks can be traumatic, so you’ve to look for a professional locksmith near me in Durham NC to check any issue and make sure your property is safe. Feel free to call Swift Locksmith if you need to repair or replace a lock door knob. We are happy to meet any of your lock and key related issues.

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