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The ignition switch system is one of the most important parts that make sure the smooth functioning of the vehicle. The switch is usually placed in the pillar of the steering wheel & is employed to activate the engine cycle that’s intended to drive the car in the forward or reverse direction. Unfortunately, just like any other hardware, there’re many ignition switch problems that may obstruct the smooth function of the car. While some of the problems can get fixed by a novice, there’re other that’ll require the helping hand of a professional automotive locksmith in Durham.


Anyway, let’s talk about some of the common issues associated with ignition switches:

Key is broken inside the switch:

If this is your concern, it’s advocated to get in touch with an auto locksmith in Durham to have him remove the key. Once taken off you can use a spare key. Otherwise, you can have a new one made from the old, broken key. However, this may or may not be relying upon the dent. If you don’t own a spare key & a new one can’t be made from the broken one, the meter choice is to purchase a new lock cylinder & keys.


Manufacturing flaw:

Another a very common reason why ignition switches malfunction is faulty components! Most carmakers will warranty the hardware if the car is still under warranty. Or else, any licensed and experienced automotive locksmith in Durham can fix the issue. Watch out for common vehicles with factory-associated ignition switch problems when purchasing an automobile.


Jammed or worn out wafers:

All ignition switches have a set of wafers that are unique to the cuts on the key. After some time these components wear out, become clogged with dirt and grime making the switch to breakdown. It’s feasible to have the ignition switch repaired without the requirement for a replacement; just simple cleaning or individual wafer replacement.


Wrong or worn out key:

Like the rest of your car, keys are susceptible to wear & tear. As they lose material, the key becomes less effective & eventually stop functioning. In this scenario, you’ll have to employ a spare key to find out if it will resolve the problem. If it functions, the issue is a bad key & not the switch. If you don’t own a spare key, a pro auto locksmith can make a new one for you by employing a key code from the owner’s manual. This will make sure the key is properly cut & functional. Or else, you’ll have to replace the ignition switch alongside a new set of keys. This Blog Originally Posted Here:

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