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When most of us think about a 24 hr locksmith in Durham NC, we think of a technician who can get us back into our cars, change the lock of our homes, and offer us a replacement key whenever required. However, do you know your locksmith in Durham NC is capable of doing much more than just these basics? In today’s post, we are going to explore some of those lesser know aids that your typical locksmith can offer.


Broken key removal and replacement: We have seen many different cases & reasons for a key being broken off in an ignition or lock. Whatever the reason behind your broken lock, it can be really annoying to deal with such things.

A locksmith will not just get your broken key out of your ignition or lock; he can also assist you with key replacement.

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High security lock installations: Old or outdated locks at your business premises can leave your property more susceptible to unwanted break-ins.  For business owners who wish to avoid this vulnerability, we advocate the installation of high security locks. Whether you want to install a keyless entry system in your building or fit a safety alarm, a competent 24 Hour Locksmith in Durham NC can help.

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Re-keying your car: A lot of people believe a locksmith can easily do a residential or commercial lock change, but they don’t know that they can also do auto re-keying. To make sure that the same key that unlock your doors will also start your vehicle, professional locksmiths will change the locks on your automobile doors and trunks, and also changing the key part of the ignition.


Key fob replacement:

Apart from re-keying, professional locksmiths also specialize in the replacement of car key fobs. These days, we have become so accustomed of using a remote to start our vehicles, open our trunks, activate the alarm, and much more. We have gotten so used to this expediency that when we lose the ability to lock, unlock, or arm our vehicle; our daily lives can become a bit annoying. However, a professional team of locksmiths are capable of replacing your car key fob so that you can get back to the ease & conveniences of having your remote back.

Swift Locksmith is your one stop solution if you are looking for 24 Hour Locksmith in Durham NC. We specialized in all three departments of locksmiths – so you never need to worry whether you’ve locked yourself out of your home, business or car. Call us at +1 919-818-7677.

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