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The health of the baby’s teeth must be of special concern to any parent.  Parents who are responsible will regularly examine the teeth of their child and react in time if there is something wrong with them. All of them know that dark stains on teeth means a visit to pediatric dentist is required. However, when the stains are white, many of them do not consider it a problem, just a pigmentation defect. Here is why that assumption is wrong. It can be a symptom of dental disease and deserves no less attention than the dark stains.

The stains may be small in size or bigger, looking like pieces of chalk. They can be of any amount and localization. Sometimes the stains occur in the shape of stripes and increase in size with time. This is the sign of enamel demineralization. What does it mean? The upper layer of the enamel is being destructed. The enamel becomes weaker and is not able to perform its natural function, as it should.

Why can the enamel of the child’s teeth lose its qualities? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Caries. Yes, not only does the dark stain warn about this disease. It is the very beginning of the disease and if parents react in time, it can be easily treated without traumatic and painful methods. But, unfortunately, in most cases this stage of disease is neglected by parents because of ignorance.

  1. Fluorosis. This disease appears because of the excessive amount of fluorine in a child’s organism. It is a very important element for the teeth health but only in measurable amount.

  1. Trauma. The mechanic trauma can leave a white trace on the enamel. Sometimes the consequences of the trauma can show themselves not at once but through years. The orthodontic treatment like teeth straightening with the help of braces can also traumatize the enamel.

  1. Enamel hypoplasia. This disease occurs because of the problems with metabolism and leads to the abnormal formation of the enamel. It will always be thin and weak in this case.

A pediatric dentist in Envy Smile Dental Spa in Brooklyn is the best option to examine white stains on your child’s teeth. You are guaranteed the best quality of service, the highest skill and a perfect communication with your child.


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