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A pinched nerve in one leg or both is impossible not to notice. A strong ankle pain or foot pain  will not leave you in peace. What population groups suffer from this problem the most? They are people whose legs are overwhelmed with heavy weight or intensive physical work. These are pregnant women in the third trimester, people who do hard physical work or professional sportspeople. Elderly people after 60 also often face this problem.

How can you know that your nerve has been pinched?

1. The first sign is pain. It is acute and sudden, sometimes can have a biting character.

2. The skin surface is swollen. In the place where the nerve is pinched, it can even turn red.

3. The limb loses its mobility after sleep. As the disease is progressing, it becomes a usual thing.

4. A vertical body position brings discomfort or even unbearable pain.

5. The painful sensations can reach the spine.

6. In some cases, sweating increases.

The pinched nerve can be diagnosed with the help of an x-ray exam of the spine or the leg bones. Depending on the results or clinical picture issues, there also can be additional diagnostic appointed, like MRI.

The first goal of treatment is to release the nervous endings or fiber from the pathological squishing. To achieve this, a manual therapy or massage is often required. A shockwave therapy or acupuncture are also very helpful but not recommended for the elderly.

If the pathological state is not complicated with hernia or protrusion, the results do not take a long time to complete. In the period of treatment, a patient is recommended to avoid intensive physical activity.

In multiple cases, the pinched leg nerve is connected with other developed or existing disease. A complex organism diagnostic will help determine this and treat the very disease that caused such symptom as pinched leg nerve. If the main reason of such state is not discovered and removed, it can come back from time to time after the treatment.

The normal nerve's work is renovated with the help of the complex treatment that includes medications and vitamin support.

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