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The doctor who treats pathologies and problems of the rectum is called proctologist. You can ask for his help with such unpleasant disease as hemorrhoids. This pathology is always accompanied by bloody discharge and bleeding. This happens because  of the structure of hemorrhoids. It consists of numerous venous plexuses. With the tension of the hemorrhoids, a mucosal rupture occurs immediately with a strong or weak secretion of blood.

  1. Signs of hemorrhoid bleeding

Bleeding from the anus is not always due to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid has its main characteristics:

  • Bleeding occurs when the venous pressure increases. Hemorrhoid bleeding can occurs during defecation or during physical exertion;

  • The first portion of the blood is very dark in color. As soon as all the fecal masses come out, there is already a small pulsating trickle of lighter blood. The reason is that hemorrhoids consist of a tangle of veins. The blood in them comes from the arterial vessels;

  • Hemorrhoidal bleeding stops on its own, it does not require medical help;

  • Bloody discharge in hemorrhoids never occurs, if the patient is at rest.

The mechanism of hemorrhoid formation

The main cause of hemorrhoids and bleeding is a violation of blood circulation in the rectum. Violation of the regulation of the blood flow causes quite a strong pain. In the process of the pathology development, muscles lose their tone fast, become less elastic. This is the formation of hemorrhoids, which from time to time fall out of the anus. All this leads to severe pain and bleeding.

Painful sensations are not always present. In most cases, bleeding begins after defecation. The most important question that interests people suffering from this disease is “What to do”? So, first of all, you need a preliminary consultation of a specialist. Doctor will appoint competent complex treatment with medicines or surgical intervention. You can find such a specialists in the Manhattan Gastroenterology clinic. Qualified doctors will conduct a full diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment for you.  For example, Dr. Shawn Khodadadian provides highly personalized and comprehensive care. His philosophy regarding the doctor/patient relationship is based on trust and has earned him one of the most respected reputations in NYC.


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