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An emotional tension performs a harmful action over the entire human organism. A modern life is full of stressful situation and all of them influence our health. Stress not only affects your feelings and emotions but may be expressed physically as well. There are multiple ways of its physical expression. Among them, one is pain.

Here are some of the most often body pain cases that can be connected with stress and emotional overwhelming.

  1. Knee pain. Constant stresses provoke the development of the inflammatory processes in a human body. Our joints are more likely to experience it. Stress can even change our posture and walk. The body starts working differently and the knee joints become overwhelmed.

  1. Hip pain. A stressed body reacts by way of muscular tension, which can become a reason for our pain. The processes are actually the same as in case with the knee pain.

  1. Elbow pain. More often, this connected with injuries rather than with emotions. Still, if you have not hit your elbow anywhere and it still hurts perhaps stress is the causing factor.

  1. Stomach pain. The reason is not always a digestive dysfunction or results of junk food. Sometimes your stomach may hurt because of the stress you might be experiencing. Other symptoms similar to the usual gastric problems may occur – bloating, sickness, diarrhea and heavy feelings in stomach.

  1. Loin pain. This is the most often occurrence. Usually a lifestyle correction helps solve the problem. More rest and sleep, healthier diet and physical exercise makes wonders.

  1. Pain in the upper part of the spine. Being stressed, we lose our usual energy and become less mindful of our posture. This causes the muscles to work improperly and which results in pain.

  1. Shoulder pain. Stressful situations make us unintentionally raise our shoulders. It makes the muscles tense. Specific thoracic breathing, also common for such state, makes things only worse.

  1. Neck pain. It is a center of concentration of all the possible stress pains. There are special exercises and massages required to relieve it.

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