31, August 2017: 4Quotes4Me is a new UK-based startup company is set to change the way procurement works in the UK. Their new online platform offers a plethora of products and services that often require price tenders. Aimed at both businesses and the public at large the site simplifies the buying process for both customers and companies.

“Our website aims to match sellers with qualified buyers in a simple but intuitive way” said Richard Guttfield, CEO of 4Quotes4Me. “We want to incentivise the users of our site and for that reason we have introduced commissions for referring leads.”

The website was conceived to ensure the process of procurement was made easy. 4Quotes4Me is a tool for buyers saving hours of time by offering a simple solution for quotations.

The new “Sell a Quote” section allows user to refer leads to 4Quotes4Me and then receive £25 commission if the lead results in a conversion.

The 4Quotes4Me app that’s available on iOS and Android allows communication even whilst on the move. It’s easier than ever for the consumer to submit their details and receive 4 free no obligation quotes back from suppliers on the products or services they require.

4Quotes4Me are initially focusing on five categories - Business, Office, Web, Vehicles, and Domestic. Within the Business section are Telephone Systems, Coffee Machines and Merchant Services. In the Office section there are Photocopiers, Franking Machines, and Office Furniture. The Web category offers Web Hosting, Web Design, and Internet Marketing services. The Vehicles category has Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Cards, and Vehicle Leasing. Finally the Domestic section contains home improvement services for Boilers, Solar Panels and Replacement Windows.

Each section boasts in-depth articles and a directory of suppliers. Businesses can add their detail free of charge. Consumers can leave reviews and feedback on all the businesses listed.

“We’ve included many items that require frequent purchase yet are difficult to obtain online prices for,” said Richard Guttfield. “Additionally our app makes it easier to receive quotes whilst on the go. Our Sell a Quote section is the first of its kind in the UK. So please spread the word on our solution and visit 4Quotes4Me today to learn how we can help with your procurement needs”

For Media Contact:
Company: 4Quotes4Me
Phone: 01442 800250

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