27, December 2017: 

Collection cases of wine 

Don Veeto Collections are the finest and most convenient way to experience our unique organic wine selection. 

Explore regions, grape varieties and terroir with our vast offer of mixed, red and white wine cases at special discounts. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift, our collection cases of wine are a guaranteed success with any wine lover! 

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Don Veeto personally handpicks our wine portfolio choosing among 2,000 of the best-value fine organic wines worldwide as well as Italian wine. We guarantee all our artisan wine makers carefully avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides and virtually all produce vegan wines. Don Veeto is also proud to offer the finest selection of biodynamic and natural wine in the UK. Not all our wines are SO2-free, we always display all essential wine features in our wine profiles. The choice is yours. 

Wine is both a staple pleasure and a sophisticated luxury. A flavourful combination of geography, terroir, grapes and winemaking craft. Don Veeto helps you discover and order wine online from new perspectives with unique product filtering capabilities and convenient collection cases. 

Don Veeto treasures his reputation for unrivalled service quality. You can browse and purchase with peace of mind at our green-bar online wine store. We protect your wine with the safest and 100% recyclable packaging technology and deliver it within a couple of days to your door. 


Geographical diversity is a major driver of wine character, taste and flavour. Don Veeto travels with wines: our regional collections extend from the masters of Italy, France&Spain to the gems of the Americas, Africa, Oceania and even Asia. 

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We also offer a whole new level of service: no minimums, no broken bottles, next day delivery and exciting gifts. 

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