Morocco is an incredible destination that is worth exploration. If you travel not just to have fun but to explore then Morocco is a must in your bucket list! Why? Because of the rich culture it holds, the mesmerizing places within it, exotic cuisine, great blend of various cultures, and unending number of shopping opportunities, bustling nightlife and most importantly the people in Morocco who are warm and friendly. To tour Morocco and enjoy its true essence, visiting anytime within March to May is considered favorable.

Marrakech to Fes

Few Interesting Facts that make touring in Morocco an irresistible experience!

Fact#1 – It is the second largest film set in the world after Hollywood. Movies like The Mummy, Prince of Persia have been shot here.

Fact#2 -The Moroccan dates are of excellent quality and each year about 90,000 tons are exported all over the world.

Fact#3 -In 1777, Morocco was the first country that recognized USA as an independent nation.

Fact#4 -A special green tea called Ataiis the most popular drink in Morocco. It is a mix of green tea, mint and sugar.

Fact#5 -The favorite cuisine of Morocco is Couscous which is typically served with vegetables along with meat or fish.

Fact#6 -Morocco’s primary mode of transportation is not camel but it is the donkey. In fact, in Rissani, there is a specific market for buying and selling donkeys!

Fact#7 -It is considered rude to refuse meat when offered in Morocco. So never say no to meat!

Fact#8 -Marrakech is known as the red city due to the red walls and buildings constructed in the 12th century using sandstones.

Fact#9 -Fes based on the river Fes, is the third largest city in Morocco which is believed to be the most complete medieval city in the Arab world.

Apart from these above mentioned facts there is much more in Morocco that makes it one of the best travel destinations around the world. And the Morocco desert tour tops the list! What a desert tour in Morocco includes is the desert safaris, camel trekking, camel caravans and a lot more! So add this to your to-do-list in Morocco for sure!

Agadir to Marrakech via Erg Chigaga


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